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Who is the winningest driver in NASCAR history?

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All time is Richard Petty with 200.

Through 9/6/2011, Jeff Gordon leads active drivers with 85 wins.

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Who has the most NASCAR wins?

Richard Petty has 200 wins.Actually it depends on what you mean by NASCAR. If you mean in the top series (Winston Cup, Nextel Cup, and now Sprint Cup) then Richard Petty has the most with 200 wins. If you mean out of all the divisions in and outside of NASCAR then the person with the most wins is Dick Trickle. Richie Evans may be the all-time winningest NASCAR driver in all classes, though most of his wins were in modifieds.The all-time winningest driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is Richard Petty, but Jeff Gordon is the winningest currentdriver in that series. Kyle Busch is the winningest driver in the Nationwide Series (also a current driver). Ron Hornaday is the winningest driver in the Nascar Truck Series (also a current driver).

What are the three winningest numbers in Nascar history?

3, 43, and 21.

Who is the most winningest Nascar driver of all time?

Richard Petty with 200 wins

Which is gramatically correct Most Winning Driver or Most Winningest Driver?

Most Winningest Driver

Who is the least winningest NASCAR driver?

Sam Hornish Jr., Casey Mears, Kerry Earnhardt, Brad Coleman, Reed Sorenson.

Who are the winningest drivers in NASCAR history?

The top 5 all-time winningest drivers in the Nascar Cup Series are:Richard Petty - 200David Pearson - 105Jeff Gordon - 88Bobby Allison - 84Darrell Waltrip -84

How old do you have to be to be a NASCAR driver?

The youngest nascar driver in history to start a race is Joey Logano driver of the #20 car. He was 18 when he started. I would say you need to be at least 18

Who is the winningest coach in Raiders history?

Madden is the winningest coach.

Who is the NASCAR driver for Kia?

There is not a Nascar driver for Kia.

Which driver has won the most races in Nascar Cup Series history?

Richard Petty won 200 Nascar Cup Series races, the most in history.

Who is the second driver with the most wins in Nascar history?

David Pearson is 2nd all time in Nascar with 105 career wins.

What NASCAR driver has the best sponsor?

A Nascar driver will have the best sponsor only if the driver has certain characteristics. For example, the Nascar driver will have to be charismatic and a good driver who is ranked highly.

Who was the first driver in Nascar history to win three chamionships in a row?

Cale Yarborough.

Who is the winningest coach in Atlanta Falcons history?

Dan Reeves is the winningest coach in Atlanta Falcon history with 49 wins.

Who is the richest NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon is the richest Nascar driver with 100,000,000+.

Who is currently the best NASCAR driver?

Jeff Gordon is the best NASCAR driver.

Who is the winningest auto race driver?

Michael Schumacher

Which Nascar driver has the most career starts in the Cup Series?

Richard Petty started 1,184 Cup Series races, the most in Nascar history.

What is the most winningest college football team in history?

The Michigan Wolverines are the most winningest college football team in FBS history.

How tall is NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson?

Nascar driver Jimmie Johnson is 5'11".

Who is the winningest owner in NASCAR history?

Ralph Moody was the mechanic, manager, and star driver of 1925 Indianapolis 500 winner Pete DePaolo's Ford factory-sponsored stockcar racing facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. The drivers formed a partnership after the American Manufacturers' Association banned Ford's factory partication in stockcar racing in June 1957. The move unemployed both men. They decided to pool their resources, and formed Holman-Moody. The team became the winningest team in NASCAR history, after racking up 92 wins and two championships before Holman sold his interests to Moody.

Who is the greatest NASCAR driver of all time?

There are in fact 2 great racers in Nascar History, The King (Richard Petty) and Dale Earnhardt Sr. They are the best racers Nascar has ever Seen.

What is the winningest NCAA basketball team?

The Kentucky Wildcats are the winningest team in NCAA Basketball history.

Which coach became the winningest coach in NFL history while with the Dolphins?

Which coach became the winningest coach in NFL history while with the Dolphins

Who is the winningest driver at charlotte of all time?

David Pearson

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