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Who leads the NFL in career all-purpose yardage?


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2007-06-22 23:49:48
2007-06-22 23:49:48

Jerry Rice is the career all purpose yardage leader with 23,546 yards. Click on the 'All Purpose Yardage Leaders' link on this page to find out who the top 25 career all purpose yardage leaders are.


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Brett Favre is the all-time career passing yardage leader in the NFL.

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At the start of the 1970 NFL season, the all time leader in passing yardage was John Unitas with 35,502. Y.A. Tittle was second with 33,070.

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Emmitt Smith with 18,355 yds. as he retired in 2004 and started his NFL career in 1990

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No. Statistics are broken out by regular season and postseason. Yardage or interceptions or such that is done in the postseason will count towards that player's career postseason stats.

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The quarterback who threw for the most yardage in the 2009 season was Matt Schaub, then of the Houston Texans. His total yardage was 4,770 yards.

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