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Jerry Rice is the career all purpose yardage leader with 23,546 yards. Click on the 'All Purpose Yardage Leaders' link on this page to find out who the top 25 career all purpose yardage leaders are.

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Q: Who leads the NFL in career all-purpose yardage?
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Who has the most NFL career quarterback yardage?

Tom Brady

Who is the NFL's all-time leading passer in yards?

Brett Favre is the all-time career passing yardage leader in the NFL.

In 1970 who was the NFL career pass leader?

At the start of the 1970 NFL season, the all time leader in passing yardage was John Unitas with 35,502. Y.A. Tittle was second with 33,070.

Who leads the NFL in rushing yards?

Emmitt Smith with 18,355 yds. as he retired in 2004 and started his NFL career in 1990

Who has the most passing yardage in NFL history?

Brett Favre

Who is the NFL all time yardage leader?

Jerry Rice

Does NFL post-season stats count towards a players career total?

No. Statistics are broken out by regular season and postseason. Yardage or interceptions or such that is done in the postseason will count towards that player's career postseason stats.

Name the NFL quarterback who threw for the most yardage in 2009?

The quarterback who threw for the most yardage in the 2009 season was Matt Schaub, then of the Houston Texans. His total yardage was 4,770 yards.

When you move the yardage markers for a first down does the clock stop in the NFL?

No. Not in the NFL, only in college football

Who won the Heisman Trophy in 1988?

Barry Sanders, a running back for Oklahoma State University, was the winner of the 1988 Heisman Trophy. Sanders went on to a Hall of Fame career in the NFL playing 10 years with the Detroit Lions and finishing his career third in NFL all time rushing yardage with 15,269.

What player has the most combined yardage in the NFL?

Jerry Rice with 23,546 yards

What is the NFL all-time per game career passing yardage record?

Through Week 10 of the 2008 season, the NFL record for passing yards per game in a career is held by Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals at 259.9. Peyton Manning is second at 258.1 and Dan Marino is third at 253.6.

Is NFL a career?


How long is the average NFL career?

The average NFL career lasts from two to four years.

What running back had the most rushing yards in 1998 in the NFL?

Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos led the NFL in rushing yardage in 1998 with 2,008 yards.

Who is the Former NFL LA Ram receiver who holds the record for most reception yardage in a single game?

The former NFL La Rams receiver who holds the record for most reception yardage in a single game is called Issac Bruce. He was one of the greatest players for that team at the time.

Who leads the NFL in passing?


How much does a NFL defense make?

How much "what" does an defense make? Money, negative yardage, joy, crime, perogies?

What NFL records were held by Mack Herron of the Patriots?

Mack Herron broke Gale Sayers 1966 NFL record for all-purpose yardage in 1974 (2,444)

Who wore jersey 21 for Oakland Raider in the 1970s?

WR Cliff Branch wore #21 for the Raiders between 1972-1985.Through the 2009 season, Branch ranks 3rd all time in career pass receptions and career receiving yardage for the Raiders. He led the NFL in receiving TDs in 2 seasons and in receiving yards in 1 season during his career.

Which university leads the NFL in rushing?


What is the most common yardage kicked in an NFL field Goal?

40 yard avg field goal. Jim Westmoreland

What is the single season yardage record for a tight end in the NFL?

1290 by Kellen Winslow of the 1980 San Diego Chargers.

What is the longest running back streak in NFL history without a loss of yardage?

barry sanders did it for over 10 years.

Who holds the NFL record for most comeback wins by quarterback?

John Elway leads the NFL with a career best 47 comback victories. Followed by Brett Favre with 42. Dan Marino and Peyton Manning are currently tied with 37.