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Who made an unassisted triple play in August 2003?

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Rafael Furcal

Here is a link to the story on ESPN's site about the unassisted triple play that Furcal made:

To quote:

With runners on first and second, Furcal made a leaping grab of pitcher Woody Williams' liner. The runners were going on a 1-1 pitch, and Furcal stepped on second base to double up Mike Matheny before tagging out Orlando Palmeiro as he made a futile attempt to scamper back to first.

Just to let you know, another unassisted triple play was made in the 5th game of the 1920 World Series by Bill Wambsganss, the Cleveland Indians' second baseman. There were runners on first and second with nobody out. Wambsganss grabbed a screaming line drive, stepped on 2nd base, and tagged the runner who was on first base, now only a few feet away from Wambsganss (both runners were running because they both thought it was a sure hit).

Some useless trivia here: As of July 31, 2007:

There have been 13 recorded unassisted triple plays in MLB history.

There have been 15 players to hit four home runs in one game in MLB history.

There have been 17 pitchers to pitch perfect games in MLB history.

This might suggest, to the suggestable reader, that the unassisted triple play is the most unusual feat in MLB.

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Through MLB games played on August 14, 2009 two players have hit for the cycle and made an unassisted triple play. 1) John Valentin - Unassisted triple play was July 8, 1994 for the Boston Red Sox against the Seattle Mariners and hit for the cycle on June 6, 1996 for the Boston Red Sox against the Chicago White Sox. 2) Troy Tulowitzki - Unassisted triple play was April 29, 2007 for the Colorado Rockies against the Atlanta Braves and hit for the cycle August 10, 2009 for the Colorado Rockies against the Chicago Cubs.

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According to the Society for American Baseball Research, there have been 13 unassisted triple plays in MLB since 1876, the first being in 1909. That would make the odds of an unassisted triple play about 1 in every 10 years. Interestingly, these things seem to come in groups. Six of the thirteen came in the 1920s. Three of the thirteen have come in the 2000s. And on top of that, there were unassisted triple plays on successive days in 1927. On May 30, 1927 shortstop Jimmy Cooney of the Chicago Cubs turned an unassisted triple play against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The very next day first baseman Johnny Neun of the Detroit Tigers turned an unassisted triple play against the Cleveland Indians. Click on the 'Unassisted Triple Plays in MLB' link below to see the list of players that have made an unassisted triple play. UPDATE: There was a 14th unassisted triple play on May 12, 2008 when Asdrubal Cabrera of the Cleveland Indians notched one against the Toronto Blue Jays.

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No, not a batter. Pitchers have struck out the side, and there have been unassisted triple plays though

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Yes, there have been 15 players in Major League Baseball history that have accomplished the feat of turning an unassisted Triple Play. The Cleveland Indians' Asdrubal Cabrera, Oakland Athletics' Randy Velarde, Boston's John Valentin, Washington's Ron Hansen in 1968, Detroit's Johnny Neun from 1927, Boston's George Burns from 1923, Cleveland's Bill Wamsganss from 1920 and Cleveland's Neal Ball from 1909 are the American League players that accomplished the feat. The Philadelphia Phillies' Eric Bruntlett, Colorado Rockies' Troy Tulowitzki, Atlanta Braves' Rafael Furcal, Philadelphia's Mickey Morandini, Chicago's Jimmy Cooney, Pittsburgh's Glenn Wright and Boston's Ernie Padgett are the National League players that accomplished the feat. The earliest unassisted Triple Play to date that's currently on record would be the one that happened on July 19, 1909 which was the one that Cleveland's Neal Ball turned. The unassisted Triple Play that Bill Wamsganns performed is the only unassisted Triple Play to date that has been turned during a World Series game.

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