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Who made up football?

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Walter Camp claimed to have invented football.

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What is a football made of?

It is a fact that a football is made up of pigskin, cowhide, and rubber.

What are football visors made of?

Football visors are made up of the same material that tinted windows are made of. By.

What was the first football made of?

The first football was made from a pigs bladder and stiched up in leather laces.

Who made up the rules for English football?

It is made by the F.A.

What are the steps to making a football?

The best way to get a football is buy one. If you are curious on how a football is made it is made from cutting the material that the ball is made of, pressing the material, lacing it up, and then it is flattened to have the bladder added to it before it is blown up.

Who in the world made up soccer?

i am not sure but it was made before football

Who made up the rules of football?

Walter Camp

Who made up the rules for football?

Sultan alajmi

Who made up the name for football?

I have no freakin idea!!

When was the football made made?

football was made from chickens

How a football made?

with leather and a rubber balloon They are made in factories and are blown up once assembeled

What is eye black in football made up of?

Beeswax, paraffin, and carbon

Football is made up of what two sports?

kick ball and soccer

Who made up the game football?

martin Luther king did just kiding

What three sports are lacrosse made up of?

It is a mixture of football, soccer and hockey.

What was the first football made out of?

The first football was made out of pigskin

Is football a polyhedron?

Approximately, yes. A polyhedron is made up of flat faces whereas the faces of a football are curved out because of the air pressure.

How is the leather on a football made?

The football it self is made of pigs skin.

How was the first football made?

it was not made of pig skin it was a blown up pig bladder then covered with cow hide and leather

What are the laces on a leather football made of?

The laces on a leather football is made of COTTON.

How did the football used to be made?

The football used to be made by pigskin. Now it is made from leather or other things.

What is the duration of a football game?

A NFL game is made up of 4 - 15 minute quarters

What was the Tudor football made of?

The Tudor Football was made out of Pigs Bladder bound in leather.

Where is a football made?

It was made in Canada

What is London football team name?

London does not have just 1 football team - it is made up of many teams. For example in the 2007/2008 season there are 5 premiership football teams based in London.