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Who makes more money the NFL of the NCAAF?


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nfl by a lot, most college teams don't make a profit


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I believe that the NFL makes more $$ because they are more popular.

I think it is the mlb.

NFL player? They make millions each game

the nfl player that makes the most money is Brett favre

Soccer obcourse because its gets $100,000,000,000. While the Nfl gets 100,000,000 fifa soccer is better.

NBA players make more money than NFL players because in the NBA there are more games and the more games you play the more money you make. So that is why the NBA players make more money than the NFL players.

Philip Rivers of the Chargers

Yes, on average, an NBA player makes about 5 million dollars a year. An NFL player however, makes only 770 thousand dollars a year on average.

The median salary in the NFL in 2009 is roughly $770,000 The average salary per season paid to Major League Baseball players has topped the $3 million

it helps the economy because the money the NFL makes the government takes some of the money

Joe Paterno makes 500,000 and Nick Saban makes 4 million a year. Coaches salaries range more than the nfl.

Depends on how well they play but it is frequently the QB

Nascar easaly makes more money, Plus it is the most popular Sport. NASCAR of course, it just so many teams, in all the series, and takes a lot of cash to keep the cars moving, a lot of money is involved in racing, that's what it takes to git r done.

A NFL orthopedic doctor makes between 147,612 to 591,980 each year.

Refs want more money and benifits.

The NFL owners and the NFLPA (NFL player's association) are trying to make an agreement on how to divide up the 9 billion dollars which the NFL organization annually makes. The owners are trying to lower the paycheck's which unproven rookies are receiving in the first round. In turn, they will divide the money to veteran players which have sacrificed their bodies for years. The owners also want to implement an 18 game regular season schedule to make more money for the NFL; however, most NFL players are strongly against this because it would create more injuries throughout the NFL.

It's the Dallas Cowboys followed by New England then Houstan.

NBA and nfl are both awsome because you are in profensonal leage

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