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Who played in the 1914 Rose Bowl?


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1914 rose bowl football

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The first rose bowl was played in 1902

As of the 2008 Rose Bowl, the University of Hawaii has never played in a Rose Bowl game.

The 1977 Rose Bowl was played on January 1 and it was the 63rd Rose Bowl. The USC Trojans and the Michigan Wolverines are the teams that competed and the Trojans won.

The Texas Longhorns and the Michagan Wolverines played in the 2005 Rose Bowl

New York University has never played in a Rose Bowl.

USC defeated Northwestern, 41-32, in the 1996 Rose Bowl.

The Rose Bowl has always been played in Pasadena. It's first year was 1902. The first game the current Rose Bowl hosted was in 1923. Those Rose Bowls played before 1923 were held at Tournament Park in Pasadena, approximately three miles from the current Rose Bowl.

Super Bowl XXI was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California in 1987.

Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA

Through the 2010 Rose Bowl, the Hokies have never played in the game.

The USC Trojans defeated the Michigan Wolverines in the 2004 Rose Bowl.

The 1976 Rose Bowl: UCLA 23 Ohio State 10

Never. Rose Bowl is played in Pasadena, CA. Only in 1942 due to Pearl Harbor was the Rose Bowl played in Durham, NC.

Earl Morrall 1956 Rose Bowl, Super Bowls III, V Joe Kapp 1959 Rose Bowl, Super Bowl IV Bob Griese 1967 Rose Bowl, Super Bowls VI, VII, VIII Jim Plunkett 1971 Rose Bowl, Super Bowls XV, XVIII Tony Eason 1984 Rose Bowl, Super Bowl XX Also Tom Brady never played in a Rose Bowl. He was a member of UM's 1998 Rose Bowl winning team, but he did not play in the game. Rodney Peete played in the 1988 Rose Bowl as the starting QB for USC, and was a member of the Carolina Panther's Super Bowl team, but did not play.

USC plays in the Rose Bowl every other season when the Trojans play the UCLA Bruins and UCLA is scheduled as the home team. UCLA uses the Rose Bowl as its home stadium. USC last played in the Rose Bowl Game on January 1, 2009 when the Trojans defeated Penn State, 38-24. It is important to note that the "Rose Bowl" is the stadium and the "Rose Bowl Game" is the college football bowl game played at the Rose Bowl on either January 1 or 2 of each year.

Stanford defeated Ohio State, 27-17, in the 1971 Rose Bowl.

Ohio State defeated Arizona State 20-17 in the 1997 Rose Bowl.

Through the 2009 season, Texas A&M has never played in the Rose Bowl.

Super Bowl XXVII (played in January 1993) in which the Cowboys defeated the Bills.

The 1993 Super Bowl XXVII was played on January 31, at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena California.

The 1983 Super Bowl XVII was played on January 30, at the Rose Bowl, in Pasadena, California.

Anna Rose has: Played Althea Warren in "The Rose of Sharon" in 1913. Played Lillian Bret - the Wife in "Uncle John to the Rescue" in 1913. Played Vera Mendel in "The Coming Power" in 1914. Played Blanche in "The Spirit of the Poppy" in 1914. Played Medora - the Slave Girl in "The Corsair" in 1914.

The first Rose Bowl was played in 1902 between Michigan and Stanford. Michigan won 49-0.

Through the 2010 season, the Wildcats have never played in a Rose Bowl.

Miami dolphins and Washington red skins and it was played at the rose bowl

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