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Who provided artwork for the New York Yankees logo?



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Artist Lon Keller provided artwork for the New York Yankees top hat logo in 1946.

The Interlocking NY logo found on the Yankee Uniform and Hat was first designed by Louis B Tiffany in 1877, This was designed as a medal for the New York Police Department and awarded to the family of Officer John McDowell (The first NY Police Office killed in the line of duty). The Interlocking NY made it's first appearance on the uniform of the NY Highlanders (the Original Yankee club name) in 1909. This was worn on the left sleeve and hat. The NY logo was actually removed in 1917 and remained off for 20 years. The Yankees revived the NY Logo , placing it on the right side chest in 1936. It is still the uniform design today

The now iconic pinstripes on the NY Yankee uniform first appeared in 1912. They abandoned them in 1913, 1914 and brought them back in 1915. The pinstripes were never removed from the Yankee uniform again.