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Who scored the fastest goal in laliga history?


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Karim Benzema


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Hakan Sukur scored the fastest goal in world cup history. From the kickoff, it took him 11 seconds to score. (He played for Team Turkey)

Hakan Sukur of Turkey scored the fastest goal in World Cup history when he scored a goal in just 11 seconds at the 2002 World Cup finals.

hakan sukur (turkey) scored the fastest goal ever in the 2002 world cup (11 seconds)

Dmitri Kirichenko (Rusia) - goal in 1.07' (RUSIA vs GREECE in 2004)

Giovanne Elber and Ulf Kirsten. Both needed 11 seconds to score a goal

Fastest goal : Fred (Brazil) by 3.17 seconds.Source(s):http://www.fredgol.com/index.php http://youtube.com/watch?v=d5e4xyufRFs

the fastest goal scored in the premiership is 1 second by conor harding

The fastest goal scored from the start of a period is 4 seconds, by Denis Savard in 1986. The fastest goal scored at the start of a game is 5 seconds, by Doug Smail in 1981, Bryan Trottier in 1984, and Alex Mogilny in 1991.

Fastest goal all Ireland football final

The first goal in Flyers' history was scored by Bill Sutherland.

The fastest goal was scored by Hasan Sukar of Turkey in eleven seconds.

Eoin Doyle is the person who scored the fastest goal for Chesterfield. He is still the record breaker with an all time record of 44 goals in a season.Ê

Ryan Giggs has scored Manchester United's fastest goal ever, scored in 15 seconds against Southampton in November 1995.

The fastest ever goal in champions league is scored by Bayern Munich's Roy Makaay in 10.3 sec against Real Madrid in 2007.

WAS IT NOT THE CHELSEA PLAYER IN THE FA CUP FINAL No - own-goal! Scored in 1977 for Cambridge United after six seconds. Punt up-field from the kick-off, off defender's head, and in. I suspect it's actually faster than the fastest goal in league history.

The fastest goal ever scored in a World Cup match was scored by Turkey's Hakan Sükür after only 11 seconds against South Korea in 2002. Prior to that it was England's Bryan Robson who scored against France in the Spain 1982 World Cup after 27 seconds.

There are no statistics for the longest goal scored in the World Cup. However the fastest goal scored from kickoff was 11 seconds. It was accomplished by Hakan Sukur in 2002.

The sophomore midfielder set the NCAA record for the fastest goal scored in a collegiate women's soccer game netting the first goal just four seconds into the match. and in world cup history....... hakan sukur (turkey) scores the fastest goal ever in the 2002 world cup (11 seconds)

It was scored by the German Tomas Muller in three minutes, Steven Gerrard scored his goal in four minutes.

ledley king for spurs against bradford.3-3 goal was scored in 10 seconds

In the 2009 Final, Louis Saha scored after 27.9 seconds for Everton against Chelsea. Chelsea went on to win the cup 2-1.

Phoenix Coyotes first goal scored by Mike Gartner.

The fastest goal in the 2010 world cup was scored by Thomas Mueller, in three minutes.

Wayne Gretzky in the 1981-1982 season. He scored his 50th goal in Edmonton's 39th game.

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