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That was Paul Dietzel who was LSU's head coach between 1955-1961.

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Who did lsu play in 1958 for the national championship in football?

LSU didn't play in the national championship they played Climson in the Suger Bowl, but do to LSU being number 1 they were awarded the title with Iowa

What year did LSU win the national championship in football?

1958, 2003, and 2007.

What was LSU record when they won the national championship?

2007 LSU team was 12-2 2003 LSU team was 13-1 1958 LSU team was 11-0

What coach has won a national football championship with two different teams?

Nick Saban, LSU and Alabama

How many National Championships have the LSU Tigers won in football?

Three times: 1958, 2003, 2007. LSU is the first team to win the BCS Championship twice.

Who was the coach when lsu won their national championships?

Les Miles-2007 Nick Saban-2003 Paul Dietzel-1958

Who won the college football national championship in 2008?

LSU Tigers LSU won the BCS national championship game but it was for the 2007 season. Florida was national champs in 2008.

Who did LSU beat to win the national championship?


What college won the first BCS national championship?

LSU won the first BCS National Championship.

What year did LSU win their first national championship?

1908LSU: National Championship FoundationPennsylvania: Billingsley, Helms, Houlgate, National Championship Foundation, Parke Davis1936LSU: WilliamsonMinnesota: AP, Billingsley, Dickinson, Dunkel, Helms, Litkenhous, National Championship Foundation, PolingPittsburgh: Boand, Football Research, Houlgate 1935LSU: WilliamsonMinnesota: Billingsley, Boand, Football Research, Helms, Litkenhous, National Championship Foundation, PolingPrinceton: DunkelSouthern Methodist: Dickinson, HoulgateTCU: Williamson1958Iowa: FWLSU: AP, Berryman, Billingsley, Boand, DeVold, Dunkel, FB News, Football Research, Helms, Litkenhous, National Championship Foundation, Poling, Sagarin, UPI, Williamson

College football coach to win 2 national titles at 2 different colleges?

That would be Nick Saban, who won a National Championship in 2003 with LSU and in 2009 with Alabama.

Who won the 2003 NCAA national championship?

LSU Tigers; LSU 21 - Ohio 14

Who did lsu play in the 2007 national championship in college football?

Ohio state lsu ftw!!!

In 2003 who won the national championship for college football?


Who won the college football national championship 2008?

LSU LSU won the 2008 BCS championship game against Ohio State but it was for the 2007 season. Florida was national champs in 2008.

Who played in the 2003 national championship in football?

LSU vs. Oklahoma

How many times has Louisiana State University won the national championship in football?

3 times. 1958, 2003, 2007 LSU is also recognized as the national champion in 1908, but it isn't recognized as a national championship because it was before the Polls decided champions starting in 1936.

How many football championships has LSU won?

LSU has won 3 national championships: 1958, 2003, and 2007 2. 1958 and 2003 (but soon to be 3).

LSU player in National championship almost forgot his spikes?

Nick Francois

Who played in the college football national championship 2007?

LSU & Ohio State

Has any coach won a college football national championship with two different Division 1A FBS teams?

just one. Nick Saban-LSU-2003and Alabama-2010

Name of bowl game LSU vs OSU?

BCS national championship game

Who won the 2007 college football national championship?

LSU with a 12-2 record

Can Alabama and lsu play against each other in the bcs national championship?


Who did Iowa hawkeyes football tie in the 1958 National Championship game?

First, there was no such thing as a "National Championship Game" in 1958.Second, Iowa won the Rose Bowl game, against California, 38-12. There was no tie.Third, noone with a brain would say that LSU won the 1958 national championship. LSU's racist schedulers prevented them from playing teams with black athletes. By every measure their SOS was pathetic compared to Iowas, because they played no black athletes and a 10 second look at their season schedule shows that Iowa played tougher opponents and had more impressive wins.How much credit would a team that refused to play black athletes get today for going undefeated? None-that is why that racist LSU team is viewed with such disdain to this very day.LSU beat their Sugar bowl opponent in a home game(LA) a measly 7-0.Iowa beat their integrated bowl opponent in a road game(in CA, playing Cal) 38-12 and set or tied 7 Rose Bowl records.If Iowa and LSU had played (that is if LSU weren't racist POS) Iowa would have crushed LSU that year. That is why no one outside of LSU fans believe LSU has any legitimate claim to a racist undefeated weak schedule.The polls of the day were every bit as racist and biased as LSU schedulers were and voted LSU #1 to spite Iowa for having black athletes.Iowa was awarded the 1958 national championship trophy by the FWAA, which was the most widely sports writers association of that day.The 1958 National Title Trophy resides in Iowa City, IA at the Iowa Hall of Fame Museum.

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