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It would have to be JJ Redick! Of course.

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โˆ™ 2007-04-12 17:42:14
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Q: Who was the first person in the NBA to perform the pro hop?
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Who sang the first Hip-Hop song?

The first person to come out with the first hip-hop song was Micheal Jackson. Though today there has been way more hip-hop singers.

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Who is the first person that started hip hop?

chuck norris

Who was the first person to create a hip hop song?

Keith Garmentine

Who was the first person to sing hip hop in the world?

The first hip hop song to be broadcast was "Rappers Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang released in 1979.

What music is played at NBA games?

hip hop or rock

Where do hip hop dancers perform?

They perform on a stage or on the street or in a club. :S x

How do you travel in nba live game 09?

You do the hop step twice.

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it was hip-hop

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There wasn't just one first person to make a hip hop song it was many people, and there's no tellin who made the first hip hop song ur talkin about so many years back it really doesn't even matter just listen to the type of hip hop music u like and don't worry about it...most likely u weren't even born anyways when the first hip hop album even came out so who cares?

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it was meh yah well naw it was actulally sugar daddy

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go to this link to find out

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A 14 year old girl named Nancy

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Rap and Hip-Hop.

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Hip hop head

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The first recognized and well known hip hop song released to the general public in the United States was "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang. It was released in 1979.

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The first Hip Hop group was "Sugar Hill GangThe first Hip Hop group was "Sugar Hill GangThe first Hip Hop group was "Sugar Hill Gang

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The Alternative hip hop song Amazing by american hip hop artist Kanye West was released March 10th of the year 2009 and is featured on the NBA 2k10 and NBA 2k13 soundtracks.

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Hip-Hop and R&B

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I believe that people who are funky, cool and upbeat with cool style usually perform hip-hop dances. You also have to have the ability to synchronize perfectly if you're dancing with a group.

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it does many tasks that can be performed that people cant perform, they arent robots that hop and roll, they dont have to.

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Rappers delight by the sugarhill gang