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Who was the first team in the NHL?

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The Montreal Canadiens have 102 years of Heritage

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What was the first NHL team?

The first NHL team in America was the Clinton Comets who were from Clinton, NY. They are not a team anymore but the arene that they played in still stands.

Who started the first NHL team?

i did silly

What NHL team was the first team to win the Stanley cup?

The NHL was formed in 1917 and played its first season in 1917/18. The winner of the Stanley Cup was the Toronto team simply known as the Arenas. Two things should be noted here: 1. The Cup was not solely an NHL trophy at that time.The NHL champions, the Toronto team, actually had to win against a team from Vancouver which was not a member of the NHL. 2. The Montreal Canadiens actually won the Cup in 1916 before the NHL was founded so they are not considered to be the first NHL team to win the Cup.

What American team has been in the NHL the longest?

Seattle Metropolitans in 1917... EDIT: were never in the NHL. The first American NHL team entered in 1924, the Boston Bruins.

What was Atlanta's first NHL team?

The Atlanta Flames.

First nhl team?

Nobody- the Original 6.

What NHL team was the first team to win Stanley cup?

the montrial canadians

Does Indiana have a NHL team?

Indiana does not have an NHL team.

What team did Wayne Greztky play on in the NHL?

All I know is, he first payed on the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers.

What team was the first created in the NHL?

The Montreal Canadiens were established in 1909, officially joining the NHL in 1917.

What was the first team that Wayne Gretzky play on?

In 1974-1975 he played for Brantford as his very first team. His first NHL team was the Oilers in 1979.

What NHL team scored the first hat trick?


Who was the first US team the join the NHL?

Boston Bruins

What was first NHL team in US?

Boston Bruins, 1924!! :)

Who was the first NHL team to advertising on boards?

Montreal canadiens

What was jarome iginla's first NHL team?

dallas stars

What was the first NHL hockey team?

I believe the Montreal Canadians.

What is Nebraska's NHL team?

The state of Nebraska does not have an NHL team.

Does Louisiana have an NHL team?

No. The state of Louisiana does not have an NHL team.

Which year was Florida made an NHL Hockey team?

The Panthers first season in the NHL was the 1993-94 season.

What year did the Oilers become an NHL expansion team?

The Oilers first season in the NHL was the 1979-80 season.

What NHL team played in the first NHL game?

It was on December 19,1917 the Montreal Wanders vs. The Toronto Arenas.

Who was the first hocky team in the NHL to win the Stanley cup?

The Montreal Canadians won the Cup in 1916 but they were not a member of the NHL as the league wasn't founded until the 1917/18 season. The first NHL champions were the Toronto team known as the Arenas. Since the Cup wasn't sole property of the NHL at that time, the Toronto team actually had to beat a team from Vancouver to claim the Stanley Cup.

What is the first team in the NHL?

there wasnt really a first team. there was the original 6 that started the nhl (canadiens, maple leafs, red wings, bruins, blackhawks, and rangers) out of those 6 the canadiens were established first. But some teams were created before the nhl even started. such as the senators

Are the Manitoba moose a NHL team?

The Manitoba Moose are a NHL team.

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