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Who was the first to make a half court shot in basketball?


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derry west


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Aim and shoot and make it go like a rainbow.

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In a normal game of basketball, each team will have 5 players. This is most easily done when playing full court, but is still acceptable for half court play. However, half court matches are usually played when there are not 10 players present, so there can be anywhere from 2-10 people present to play half court basketball. The fact that this is a women's game does not make any difference.

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Full court is 94x50 or 84x50. All you really need is half court, so make it half as long but keep it wide as you can so you can meake 3 pointers.

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You take some paper or cardboard then you paint it to make it like a basketball court.

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If you shoot it from the big marked circle closest to half court but not at half court and in then it is worth two points, but if you shoot it and make it outside of that circle you get 3 points.

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