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Chris woods

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Q: Who was the international goalkeeper who played in three English League Cup finals for three different clubs in the 70s 80s and 90s?
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Which goalkeeper has conceded the most ever english premier league goals?

chelsea goalkeeper.

Who was the first goalkeeper to concede a goal in the English Premier League?

peter schmeichel

English international to win the league in 3 different countries?

Trevor Steven, with Everton, Marseille and Rangers.

Who is the best goalkeeper that still plays soccer?

It is the Italian goalkeeper of Juventus Gianlughi Buffon, he is also the Italian goalkeeper. And is the highest paid goalkeeper in the world. another possibility is Petre Ceche who currently plays for the English Premier League club, Chelsea F.C

Who was Liverpools champions league goalkeeper in 2005?

Liverpools champion goalkeeper was the Polish goalkeeper in 2005 Jerzey Dudek.

Who has the fastest yellow card in English premier league?

i don't know the premier league but a Mexican goalkeeper oswaldo sanchez got a yellow before the game started

European player that has won all English cups and league and the euros?

It is the danish goalkeeper who played for Manchester united Peter ScMichael.

What is the longest run without conceding a goal at home in any English league division?

This record is now held by the Dutch goalkeeper at Manchester United, he broke the record held by the Cech Republic goalkeeper of Chelsea.

Best goalkeeper in champions league history?


Who is the youngest premier league goalkeeper?

No luck here Lee

Who is the shortest goalkeeper in the premier league?

Shay Given ( 6ft1inches).

What is the average height of a premier league goalkeeper?

6ft 1in.

What is the premier league?

it is a biggest english league of football where different club participate.

Is there a filipino player in the English premier league?

Neil Etheridge who's a reserve goalkeeper for Fulham. He played for the Philippine team in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup.

Who is the heaviest goalkeeper in the English premier league?

Ever: William Foulke, at 24 stone and 6 foot 4 inches. he died may 1st 1916.

Who is the shortest premier league goalkeeper?

shay given mancity 5.11

Who has played the most premier league games as goalkeeper?

David James.

What goalkeeper has conceeded the most goals in the premier league?

david James

Who is the oldest goalkeeper to have played in a premier league game?

james lehman

Only player to score hat trick in every English league and at international?

Answer = Robert Earnshaw

Who was notts forest goalkeeper for 1992 league cup final?

Mark Croseley

Who had Shortest premier league debut?

Nick Culkin Manchester United Goalkeeper

Who is the oldest active European soccer player?

In year 2011, football (European version) goalkeeper Kevin Poole - who plays for English lower league Burton Albion - is 48 of age.

How many goals has Anders Lindegaard scored?

Anders Lindegaard has scored 0 goals while playing for the first team for Manchester United in the English Premier League because he is a goalkeeper.

How many goals has Ben Amos scored?

Ben Amos has scored 0 goals while playing for the first team for Manchester United in the English Premier League because he is a goalkeeper.