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Charles Babbage, however he never built it.

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Who was the inventor of the earliest telescopes?


Which inventor was the earliest to revolutionize communication?

johann gutenberg

Who is the inventor of speaker of computer?

Abhinawan Puracchidas was the inventor of first computer speakers.

The inventor and picture of the mainframe computer?

the inventor of min frame computer is Charles Babbage

Who was the inventor of computer virus?

LOUINHOCK is the real virus inventor.......

Bruce MacDonald Australian Inventor of the underwater computer?

Bruce MacDonald was the famous inventor of the underwater computer.

Who is the inventor computer monitor?

Allen Balcom DuMont is the inventor of the computer monitor. He had made this invention in the year of 1965.

Inventor of computer mouse?

The inventor of computer mouse is known as Douglas Engelbart. Sadly, he did not get any royalties for this great invention.

Inventor of computer?

konrad zuse (1938) Z1 computer

What happened to the inventor after the computer was introduced?

He was sacked and replaced by a computer.

What are the 7 earliest computing devices?

7 earliest computer devices

Inventor of computer keyboard?


Who was the Inventor of the computer cooling fan?

i did

Who was the second inventor of computer?


Who invented sewing machine and how it was invented?

The earliest inventor of a mechanical sewing device was probably Charles Weisenthal, a German inventor who was awarded a patent in 1755

What is the name of the earliest computer languages?

The earliest were assembly, Autocode, and finally, Plankalkul

Who invented the original computer?

the inventor of the computer was Leonardo da Vinchi

Who invented or who is the inventor of computer?

Charles Babbage is the person who invented computer.

Earliest computer device?


Inventor of laptop computer?

adam osborne

Who is nolan Bushnell?

American computer inventor

What is the name of the inventor Of computer?

oliver closaf

Was Konrad Zuse the inventor of the computer?

yes he was

What is the name of computer inventor?

in dont know

Who was the inventor of the locomotive?

The earliest steam locomotive was built in 1804 by Richard Trevithick and Andrew Vivan.