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Who were all of dale Earnhardt's crew chiefs over his entire career?


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Not sure about his partial schedules in 1975-1978, as there is very little information about crew chiefs for those years, but his full-time crew chiefs were (year:race #):

Jake Elder, 1979:01-1980:13

Doug Richert, 1980:14-1981:04

Dale Inman, 1981:05-1981:20

Kirk Shelmerdine, 1981:21-1981:31, 1984:01-1992:29

Bud Moore(?), 1982:01-1983:30

Andy Petree, 1993:01-1995:31

David Smith, 1996:01-1996:31

Larry McReynolds, 1997:01-1998:13

Kevin Hamlin 1998:14-2001:01

He drove for Bud Moore in 1982 and 1983, and Bud Moore used to be crew chief for his own cars, but I'm not positive Moore was the crew chief for Earnhardt (it's possible by then he had hired some other crew chief to replace himself.)