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Evolution will begin to fall at the Royal Rumble when Batista wins. He will win the World Heavy Weight title at Wrestlemania and that would lead to the fall of Evolution.

Randy Orton, of couse, at the Royal Rumble when he wins the world title.

There is a rumor that Batista will face Triple H at Wrestlemania. So they will self destruct.

Goldberg after he returns. He will destroy Evolution and beat Triple H for the World Heavy Weight championship. Vince doesn't want Goldberg to come back. Goldberg doesn't want to lose.

With Batista recently leaving Evolution, they're gonna crash and burn and hopefully Batista and Randy Orton will join up.

With Batista and Orton gone, there is no Evolution. There is HHH and his manager Ric Flair. Oh, they may call themselves Evolution, but we all know the truth.

Evolution is no more than a tag team now. Orton can't do crap because of his shoulder and not to mention his big mouth. As long as Flair and Triple H are friends, Evolution will always be there.


If you think about it its already out of business, because Triple H has packed his bag and left. So that's the leader gone and Ric Flair is now friends with Batista.

Sadly, it's the muscle head, pathetic Lesnar wannabe BATISTA.

Batista,of course! YAY, I love Batista. But the only people who could stop Evolution WAS evolution. Triple H even said so himself. It's sad that no one else could beat them cause they're so pathetic.

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