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How would you find the value of circulated and slightly worn silver quarters?

You can save yourself the time of grading them and looking them up by knowing that any silver quarter from 1940 or newer that shows visible wear from circulation is common enough that its value will only come from the silver it contains -- currently about $1.10 each. Quarters from before 1940 can be ( Full Answer )

Why do your lips get chapped?

It is mainly because of the cold weather in the winter but it could be if you have been licking your lips for a long time. The sliver soaks into your lips and evaporates all of the moist in your lips. This makes your lips all dry.

Who invented chaps?

Chaps were introduced by the Spanish to protect their legs fromcactus, brush and thorns. They called them Chaparehos. The firstchaps were large pieces of cowhide attached to the saddle thatwrapped around the legs.

Does chap stick really help chapped lips?

There is some suggestion that lip balms do not work because theykeep the moisture out. Some people suggest using a slice ofcucumber on the lips works well.

What would have Romeo and Juliet have worn?

Since Romeo and Juliet are not real people and the setting is not specified in the text, they can wear whatever you think will work. T-shirts and jeans work for me. Others think mostly robes and cloaks in brown and red.

Why are chaps used?

Chaps are used as a form of protection. They will keep the cold wind off of the riders legs in the winter. Legs are hard to keep warm on a motorcycle because they are generally exposed to the wind and in the sitting position the pants are tight up against the skin. They keep road grime off of your p ( Full Answer )

What fabrics would Lincoln have worn?

The fabrics of the day were all natural. They were mostly cotton, wool, and linen, although some Yankees still wore animal skins and leaves.

What would slave overseers have worn?

They could have worn anything. It depends on the climate and the time period as well as culture, wealth and availability of raw materials (wool, cotton, silk etc.).

Which of the costumes worn in the wizard of oz which would cause offense now?

I think people, especially kids, today would relate better to characters with names such as , well say Alumitron the robot, rather than ( Tin Man), Agriman for the scarecrow and maybe Scaredycat the cowardly Lion.- the vaguely Biblical touch of using adjectival phrases ( sort of like the Good Samari ( Full Answer )

How do your Lips get chapped?

You get chapped lips usually because of weather and the fact that your lips need constant moisture and care. During dry, hot weather, the moisture in your lips tends to be absorbed or evaporated, and during cold, stormy days, the moisture in your lips also tends to either freeze or dry up. This c ( Full Answer )

What make-up would women have worn in the 1930's?

The depression reigned the 1930s with the stock market crash make up was created and applied for a particular purpose, the flapper era disappeared and the money eyed class that had fueled the revelation was broke and fashion themes mellowed to reflect the general mood of the depression. Women look ( Full Answer )

How much would Phil Niekro's last game worn jersey be worth?

Phil Niekro Last Game Worn Jersey . A Phil Niekro Game worn jersey in general could sell in the $1,000. -$3,000. price range if accompanied by the proper paperwork and provenance. The absence of acceptable documentation linking the jersey to Phil Niekro will bring a much lower price, and will hav ( Full Answer )

What is slow-chapped?

O.E.D. states that it means 'having a 'chap' or jaw, chiefly in comb', whatever that means.

Should i get leather half chaps or suede half chaps?

Either but I would choose leather! If you are just beginning riding then I would go with the suede because they are a little bit cheaper, but if you are a more advanced hunter/jumper then you should definitely invest in the leather ones!

How do lips get chapped?

" Chapped lips is a condition whereby the lips become dry and possibly cracked. It may be caused by the evaporation of moisture. Often the lips become dry because the layer of oil that is naturally produced by the body to coat the lips is removed or is lacking." -Wikipedia

Who are the brother chaps?

\nthe brother chaps are 2 animators who made a website called homestarrunner.com\nand the s.b.c.g.4.a.p game series

How do you put chaps on?

Put your leg through the bottom and slid them up your led. Clip the clip and your ready to go horseback- riding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would a friar have worn in Elizabethan times?

There weren't friars in Elizabethan England because of the dissolution of the monasteries, friars were either made homeless or fled abroad. In other countries where they still had monasteries they would have worn plain robes or hair shirts depending on what order they belonged to.

What length of dress would be worn for a noon wedding?

My wedding is at 11:30, this saturday, April 18th. I'll be wearing a full length wedding dress . I don't think it matters what time of day to what length dress....congragulations.. Christy M. South Lake Tahoe, CA

Chap 13 and chap 7 bankruptcy?

There is a big difference between these two. Chapter 7 is known as a debt liquidation bankruptcy whereas chapter 13 is debt restructuring. Chapter 7 involves getting the majority of your debts discharged (although not all are an option) and chapter 13 reorganizes your debts and the court sets up a ( Full Answer )

Who do you get chapped lips?

You get chapped lips usually because of weather and the fact that your lips need constant moisture and care. During dry, hot weather, the moisture in your lips tends to be absorbed or evaporated, and during cold, stormy days, the moisture in your lips also tends to either freeze or dry up. This c ( Full Answer )

What happens if you eat chap stick?

You will be fine eating chap stick will not hurt you if you accidentally eat some it fine you might get a stomach ache if you have a sensitive stomach but most people don't have one. But if you get a stomach ache drink some carbonated water because sugared drinks like Dr.pepper, coke and Root beer w ( Full Answer )

In chap 8 of night by elie wiesel-how would you compare how other boys treat their fathers with elie's treatment of his father?

Other children were selffish; some even beat their fathers for just a ration of bread. Others abandoned their father because they felt as if they were slowing him down and make them suseptible to death. Elie on the opther hand treats his father with love and respect. He worries about his father and ( Full Answer )

Why are chaps worn in English riding?

To hold the rider closer and tighter to the saddle. This also prevents the rider's leg from rubbing against the stirrup leather creating blisters on the rider's leg. There are full chaps that zip from the ankle to the thigh and buckles around the waist. Half chaps zip from ankle to knee. And leggin ( Full Answer )

What is a leather chap?

Leather chaps can give you with a lot more safety from road rash than a pair of jeans can. Since leather chaps are wear over your pants, they make more sense then just wearing leather pants since leather pants can be hot and you can easily take the chaps off if you decide to stop for dinner while ou ( Full Answer )

When would pantyhose be worn?

Typically pantyhose are worn in the professional setting but can also be worn on dates and other social occasions for a nice, finished look. I wear them in the office setting and out on the town although I prefer thigh highs on a date.

What do you do about chapped lips?

Use Chapstick. Apply a thick coat before sleeping and a thin coat all day. You could also use petroleum jelly if you want. Another treatment is to put petroleum jelly on your lips then use a soft toothbrush and "brush" your lips. That'll remove the dead cells or something off.

Which organelle would you associate with elimination of old worn out cell?

The elimination of old and worn out cells is done by a cell organelle called lysosomes. It is also called the waste disposal system of a cell. This lysosomes has powerful digestive enzymes that break down all organic organelles. When a cell is about to be destroyed, this lysosomes burst and th ( Full Answer )

Do you have pictures of clothing Shakespeare would have worn?

Yes, but that doesn't do you much good. You want pictures that you can see, for which I recommend Google images. Try looking for the Droushout portrait of Shakespeare which shows the clothing Shakespeare did wear.

What effect would a worn tire have on friction?

A worn tire reduces friction and tracktion, this could be dangerous in bad weather conditions., A2 A worn tyre would actually improve friction in dry conditions, because the surface area touching the road, will be greater without tread. This why racing cars use 'slicks' in dry conditions. The probl ( Full Answer )

What type of clothing would Winston Churchill have worn?

At the beginning of the Second World War the reputation of Winston Churchill was that of a gifted politician who had twice changed parties, an impulsive man prone to impractical enthusiasms, and a Conservative backbencher who opposed the foreign policy of his leader - the prime minister, Neville Cha ( Full Answer )

What would George V have worn?

Well, he would have worn a lot. As King he might have worn suits or naval uniforms. He was in the Navy as a younger man. He would have worn clothing of the Victorian era before he was king, as he became king shortly after the era ended. He would have also worn an Ermine and velvet robe at his corona ( Full Answer )

What would a medieval lady have worn?

Since the term lady implies wealth and status, I guess you are asking about the nobility. Fashions changed considerably throughout the very long medieval period, so a lady in 1150 did not look anything like a lady in 1450; furthermore, there were different fashions in different European countries ( Full Answer )

Is chap a verb?

It can be a form of the verb (to chap, to chafe). But it can also be a noun (a fellow).

Who would have worn beaver hats?

In the period 1550 -1850, casual beaver caps were the common wear for hunters and trappers in north America. - The beavers they trapped were processed back east, and in Europe and the felted fur was used for many ceremonial military hats of all kinds.

Why would one want to purchase well worn heels?

One would want to purchase well worn heels because they would already be worn in and therefore not as painful. The well worn heels also show durability which is desired for shoes.