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Why are catchers batting in the AL now?

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Catchers have always batted in the AL. If you mean, "Why are catchers batting so well now?" (catchers are traditionally not good hitters): Nowadays, it seems that offense is much more important than defense. Forty years ago, you could have a good career as a catcher or secondbasement if you were great defensively but only hid .240 or so. Now, everyone's looking for offense, so people like Mike Piazza, who doesn't throw out a lot of runners but hits very well, can succeed as a catcher. If you meant to ask, "Why are pitchers batting in the AL now?": Well, there hasn't always been a DH - it started in 1972. But, the rule with interleague play and the playoffs is that you use the home team's rules. So, if an AL team plays in an NL stadium, they can't use a DH, and the pitcher has to bat. Also, in an AL stadium, if the DH goes out into the field, the pitcher must bat from now on (for instance, if the DH moves to first to replace the first baseman, the pitcher must now bat in the first baseman's spot.)

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