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Women's nipples only get hard when their horney.

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Lick, Nurse, and play with different women's nipples to find out why. :)

David Wesson. :0

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Q: Why are some women's nipples hard and other soft?
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Why do female nipple stay?

A females nipples stay soft unless they get cold, the they become hard.

How are soft and hard polyps different?

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How do girls breasts react during intercourse?

Depends what you do with them and how sensitive she is. Some have soft nipples and others hard. Contrary to what many believe, the nipples does not have to be stiff when she is aroused.

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Is it a sign of pregnancy if your nipples are soft?


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Why would a mans nipples always be hard?

The nipples on males and females is made of erectile tissue. This is why nipples get hard in cold weather...or during sexual excitement. But erectile tissue doesn't care what stimulus it is. Fabric - clothing-- can rub against nipples and make them hard. If this irritates you or annoys you, a medical supply store might be able to suggest a light-weight soft 'binder' you could wear. Or, try a different type of shirt/material.

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No one does they want a soft looking nipple but big chest but small nipples

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