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nba has been around for many many years... while wnba has only been around for 10 or so.... wnba hasn't gained as much popularity as oppose 2 nba.. therefore at this time wnba has less teams.

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usally the male is more aggresive but if protecting her cubs the females are more aggressive.

no people say the are more male then females

Well, because God made females that way. One of the jobs God gave the male was to protect the weaker, more delicate females.

there are 30% more female teachers than male teachers, this is because females feel more attached to kids than adult males.

the difference is the males foot is more square and the females is narrower.. the male has thicker hair than females because we have diffrent geines....

It's more of a male name. females do have it, but it is more common in males.

Both female and male go on the internet.

All the male birds are more colorful then the females because the males are the ones who atracct a mate so they will need to show off there gorges feathers to the females to attract them.

Male jaguars are generally larger than females. Male jaguars will travel over greater distances than females and are more adventurous.

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It is more common in females although there have been some male models who have suffered from it.

It is more often seen in males than females

To females, males are. To males, females are. Unless you are gay, and then of course it's diffderent!

males , the females are agresive

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basketball,football,volleyball,lacross,wrestling and more

The condition occurs three times more often in male infants than in females.

Male birds are more beautiful and colourful because male birds need the colours to attract females.

Males are usually more slim then females. Females have a slighter bigger side then the other.

There are always exceptions, but generally male ferrets are more laid back and calm, as females ferrets are more hyper

Depending on species, male finches are usually more colorful than the females.

There are more male valedictorians overall. This is usually due to the disruptive effect of IQ that is more apparent in males than females. There are more talented males than females, but there are also more dumb males than females. The fact that there are more talented males makes it much more likely that there will be a male valedictorian, putting aside social values. (boys tend not to try as hard in general, etc)

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