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Why can a relief pitcher last only one or two innings when some starters throw harder than many relief pitchers?


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Relief PitchersRelief pitchers are trained to go in in tight spots and get a certain job done (not that always happens) so it's not that they cant go longer but when their job is done, usually they are pulled to keep their arm healthy and strong so they can come back the next day or as soon as possible.

and... their might be some pitchers that just loose the liveliness in their arms more quickly than others, even though they can sling the hell out of the ball.


it mostly depends on the pitcher's arm and how they have trained their arm. How can a pitcher get ready out of the bullpen with 10-15 warm-up pitches when it takes a starter around 60 pitches to get ready?

It's largely because of the way starters and relievers are trained and conditioned. Starters are trained to go deep into ballgames, and because they only pitch every fifth day, they can do this. Typically, a reliever will need to be ready to pitch everyday, or most every day. He can't go too far into a game because his team might need him again the very next day. Additionally, relief pitchers tend to be specialists who throw only one or two pitches. By the time a pitcher faces hitters for the second time, the hitters start figuring him out and he starts losing effectiveness, so the manager usually tries to get him out of there before that happens.

Wow I am seeing some pretty bad answers.. By the way, speed has nothing to do with stress put on the arm. I am 13 years old, throwing about 70 MPH. However, it is as hard as I can throw, and puts as much stress on my arm as Randy Johnson throwing 102.

Some pitchers just have more delicate arms than others and cannot last as long.

By the way, starters don't get more rest than relievers. They pitch every day before games, if you have ever been to a game. They only get 2 days rest.

However, in warming up before a game, the pitches they make aren't quite as hard as in a live game. This is because they don't wish to wear themselves out unnecessarily if either they're not scheduled to pitch or they want to keep that arm fresh for live action. Thus, the typical rest period still stands.


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