Baltimore Orioles

Why did Maryland choose the Baltimore Orioles for there state bird?

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What state do the Baltimore Orioles come from?

The Baltimore Orioles are from Maryland.

What state does Baltimore Orioles play in?

Baltimore is in the state of Maryland.

Why are the Baltimore Orioles called the Orioles?

The oriole is the state bird in maryland.

What state does the orioles play baseball?

Baltimore, Maryland

What state has the Baltimore Orioles and the US Naval Academy?


Where did orioles play baseball at camden yards in the state?

Baltimore Maryland

What is the Official state bird of the US State of Maryland?

Oriole (Icterus galbula) as in Baltimore Orioles.

What state is Baltimore Oriole's American league baseball team?

The orioles are in Baltimore, Maryland. They are in the American League East.

What is the name of the state you would be in if you were watching the Baltimore Orioles play a home game?


In what state is Baltimore in?

Baltimore is in Maryland.

Which state is Baltimore in?

Baltimore is in Maryland.

Is Baltimore a state or city?

Baltimore is a city in Maryland, not a state.

What state capital of Baltimore in?

Baltimore is a city in Maryland. Annapolis is the capital city in the U.S. state of Maryland.

Driving time from Baltimore to Maryland?

Baltimore is a city within the state of Maryland.

Where is The University of Maryland Baltimore County located?

The University of Maryland Baltimore County is located in the state of Maryland.

What state is Baltimore in?


How did the Baltimore Orioles get there name?

After the real live birds named Baltimore oriole. The male Baltimore oriole has the same colors as Lord Baltimore wore, black and orange. Lord Baltimore is the founder of Maryland. The Baltimore oriole is also Maryland's state bird.

Which state has Baltimore?

Baltimore is a major city in Maryland.

Where is Baltimore in the USA?

Baltimore is in the state of Maryland in the USA.

What city are the Baltimore Ravens from?

Baltimore in the state of Maryland

In which state is Baltimore located?

The state of Maryland.

Morgan state university is located in Baltimore what state is it located?

Answer: Baltimore is in Maryland.

What is the state capital of Baltimore?


What does Maryland was touch state?


What state is Baltimore MD?