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orton didnt kill the undertaker im very p****d about it i agree with Kane there will be vengeance

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hell no undertaker is in smackdown brand and randy orton is in raw brand

No, the undertakers brother, kane, did.

Undertaker is better because he beat Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 21

(2010) yes the phenom the undertaker is stronger than the viper randy orton.

Randy Orton beat the Undertaker sometime in 2005 or 2006 in a casket match he threw him in and burnt the casket.

No because he is rank 15 and Undertaker is 11 Randy Orton's fights is 314 and Undertaker's is 511. so Undertaker is the strongest. Orton has beat the Undertaker.

Randy orton vs resurrected ministry of darkness the undertaker on may 4 2012

yes he will vs. randy Orton at sommerslam No Undertaker has not said when he will return and he certainly will not be facing Orton

Maybe Randy orton Because Him and Triple H were closest to ending his wrestlemania streak

well this is an opinion question and I don't want to start a huge fight so I'll say both. (in my opinion the Undertaker, a few weeks ago the undertaker did hi famous pile-driver to randy orton)

yes,undertaker was killed by orton and kane -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No The Undertaker is still alive.

John Cena, Undertaker,Triple H,randy orton and hbk 1. Undertaker 2. Randy Orton 3. John Cena 4. Triple H 5. Edge

Kane Randy Orton Armageddon (2005)

undertaker, Jeff hardy, randy orton, edge, flair, and cm punk.

Hhh jeffhardy kane undertaker randy orton bookert

Shawn Michaels ,Hulk Hogan .Randy Orton and Kane

Undertaker has lost a casket match because he lost one to YokozunaNo he hasent. He has won all of themyes he has lost to randy orton and was somehow killed and randy orton was named the legend killer

Its undertaker and randy orton they are both 95

Yes For the vandilizim in 2008 he blew Undertaker Up with fire works

orton vs sheamus winner randy orton undertaker vs Kane winner undertaker john cena vs wade barret winner john cena