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Why do the Boston Red Sox occasionally wear red jerseys?

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The Red Sox usually wear their red jerseys when they play afternoon games during Sunday games

2008-03-06 20:38:26
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Why do the Boston Red Sox occasionally wear green jerseys in April 2007?

It is a tribute to the Celtics and Red Auerbac.

Why do the Boston Red Sox occasionally wear green jerseys?

The Red Sox wore green uniforms in April 2007 to honor late Celtics coach Red Auerbach

Why do the Boston Red Sox wear blue jerseys?

Most baseball teams today wear different combinations. The Red Sox have white jerseys, gray jerseys, blue jerseys and red jerseys (which they usually wear on Sundays and afternoons). Many teams have multiple cap styles, too.

Who decides which jersey the Boston Red Sox will wear for a game?

If it's a home game they wear their home jerseys and if it's an away game they wear the away jerseys.

What jerseys will giants wear in the 2012 super bowl?

they will wear their red and white jerseys because they arent at their home stadium

Does Kansas basketball wear red jerseys?


What is record of the Boston Red Sox wearing the red jerseys in 2005?

51-23.... This cannot be correct. There is no way that the Sox wore the red jerseys 74 times in 2005.

Which jerseys will the Giants wear in Super Bowl XLII?


What color jerseys do Atlanta Braves wear at home games?

The Braves have a few different color combinations that they wear at home. The standard is white with red lettering, but they also have a red jersey with white pants, which is their military appreciation uniform. They also have a cream-colored alternative uniform they wear occasionally.

What colors do Barcelona wear?

The color of Barcelona jerseys are red and blue. They wear black shorts.

Why do some nfl players wear red jerseys?

Players wear Red Jerseys in practice to signify to the other players that they should not be hit. Normally, the Red Jerseys are worn by the quarterbacks. Depending on what drills the team is working on other players like, running backs and wide receivers may also don the RED.

What colar does the Detroit red wings wear when playing in the joe louis arena?

In Joe Louis Arena, the Red wings wear their Red jerseys.

Was the name Boston Red Stockings to long to fit on the jerseys?

No. Actually, there name was never the Red Stockings, only the Red Sox and Braves.

Why did the Red Sox wear green jerseys this year?

The Red Sox wear green uniforms on special occasions like St. Patrick's day.

Why do England's football players wear white?

National colours. England's flag and colours are white and red and are therefore represented on their kit. Their home jerseys are white and away jerseys are red.

Where did the Arizona Cardinals get their name?

From the color of their jerseys. Chris O'Brien, who organized the team in Chicago in 1898, bought "cardinal red" jerseys for his team to wear.

What colored socks do the Boston Red Sox wear?


Why did Man Utd dub themselves Red Devils?

Manchester United are called the Red devils because they wear red jerseys and red shorts.

How many times did the Red Sox wear green jerseys in 2009?

about 4 times a year

New York Giants red jerseys?

Yes, Giants alternate jerseys or pracitce QB jerseys are red.

What do people in Kinshasa wear?

red dungaries, occasionally, a Pokemon onesy

Why does Lisa Simpson wear a red dress?

Because occasionally it's colored red. Simple as that.

What colour jersey does the Danish soccer team normally wear?

It is white jerseys and second choice is red.

What color jerseys did the Pittsburgh Steelers wear in Super Bowl XLIII?

The Steelers wore their white uniforms. The Arizona Cardinals were designated the home team for Super Bowl XLIII. They chose to wear their red uniforms. That forced the Steelers to wear their white jerseys.

How many MLB teams do not have players names on the back of their jerseys?

The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and San Francisco Giants do not display their players' names on their home uniforms. While the Red Sox and Giants have their players' names on their away jerseys, the Yankees do not display them on their road jerseys.