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Why do they call them innings?


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2004-12-06 08:00:22
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"Inning" is derived from the word "in" just like the word "outing" is derived from the word "out." An inning is to be "in" as an "outing" is to be "out." An inning can refer to any particular stay, even a political term in office. In baseball, the length of term for being "in" or an inning, is 3 "outs" per side, or 6 outs. The word "out" used during an "inning" signifies that the length of one's term is coming to an end, as in "three outs and the other side is in (or "up"). Each particular batter has an "inning" also because he is "in" the batter's box and has three "strikes" (the length of his term) until he is "out" (unless he otherwise hits the ball into play). The word "inning" itself did not commence with the invention of baseball but was already in use.


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An opening batsman that started an innings and finishes not out can be said to have carried his bat.

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softball has 7 innings in less a tie then they play more innings if one team is winning by a lot they have the mercy rule and they call the game

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It is plural: one innings, two innings.

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There is a total of nine innings in a game of baseball. However, if the game is tied at the end of nine innings, then the game can go into extra innings.

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