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He started doing it in Portland because of the cold weather to keep his arm warm. He got used to it and turned it in to a fashion statement.

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Why does ellsbury wear one long sleeve on his glove hand?

I'm guessing it's to keep his arm warm

Why do some baseball players wear one long sleeve?

The long sleeve is actually a compression sleeve. It gives the arm support and keeps it warm

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What is Jacoby Ellsbury middle name?

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When was Jacoby Ellsbury born?

Jacoby Ellsbury was born on September 11, 1983.

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Where was Jacoby Ellsbury born?

Jacoby Ellsbury was born September 11, 1983 in Madras, Oregon.

Does Jacoby Ellsbury bat right or left?

MLB player Jacoby Ellsbury bats left.

Does Jacoby Ellsbury throw right or left?

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How much does Jacoby Ellsbury weigh?

MLB player Jacoby Ellsbury weighs 195 pounds.

What MLB team does Jacoby Ellsbury play for?

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Do some basketball players wear one long sleeve to cover gang tattoos?


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