Why does Minnesota suck?

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Because Minnesota is Kentucky of the north. Throw away any Mary Tyler Moore ideas about urban sophistication, because they left sometime in the 1980's. No you have state that is half hillbillies and the other half ignorant busybodies who thin k they are far smarter than they actually are, who spend most of their time telling others how to live.

Let's not forget the bland, flavorless food. The local beer that either tatses like urine or grapefruit juice, and the like the stuff as 1 in 8 Minnesotan's has at least one DUI.

Minnesotans are dumb, they stand in doorways blocking them so you can't get through, they block aisles in stores having family reunions or just staring blankly into space. and none of them have the sense to let people off elevators before running into them. The are the kind of people who stop right where the escalator ends forcing everyone behind them stumble or trip.

I always wondered where stupid tourists came from and now I know. Minnesotans are the worst drivers, as they are so self absorbed they forget that there are others on the road, which is fine since the roads are so poorly marked and signed here no one really knows where they are going anyway.

So if you think you want to go to Minnesota, lay down until the feeling goes away. If you find yourself there, leave quietly and quickly.
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