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because the catcher is having a Baseball thrown over and over and over into his mitt at around 85 mph, and there has to be a lot of padding to cushion that blow. or else it will break his hand. fast.


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There is a glove made just for this purpose. It looks like a batting glove that has a good amount of padding. It's referred to as a catchers protective inner glove.

No. Catchers use mitts (no defined fingers) not gloves. Although, there are similarities there is a difference in padding, mainly on pinky and figer side of mitt. fastpitch catchers mitts tend to have thicker padding.

Akadema Praying Mantis catchers mitt offers a stress wedge technology to soften ball impact on the hand, particularly the thumb. Mitt is always rated at the top of "best catchers mitts"

Main- Gloves, bats, helmets, batting gloves, and baseballs. For A Catcher- Catchers glove, Catchers mask, chest protector, shin pads (also cover the knee) and when you get older sometimes you use a special catching glove that has extra padding so when the pitchers start to throw harder it doesn't sting as bad.

The time to replace a baseball glove is when the laces are very stringy/ in stards, the pam of the glove as no more padding, the glove is to small, and wen the person using the glove has no more feel of the glove.

most likely to protect the shoulder also it matters which handnes he is. If he is a righty it is on the right if he is a lefty it is on the left they dont have it on both sides because they have their glove to protect the side that has no padding

For a typical fielder just a glove, bat , helmet, batting gloves and cleats but for catchers the require a chest protector knee pads catchers mitt and catchers helmet

for catchers, the use knee pads, a chest protector. a helmet and a catchers mitt other players wear a hat and have a glove

akadema Gary carter glove

No, a catcher must wear a catchers mitt for extra padding and the width of the glove make it easier to catch a ball that's flying at a slow 60 mph to a quick 98 mph The catcher may wear any legal glove allowed to any player, though only he may wear the catcher's mitt. Many catchers switch to a first baseman's glove to catch a knuckle ball pitcher for example. As stated above though, the extra padding helps for high velocity pitchers.

Glove, batters helmet, if you are not a catcher. Optional are a groin cup, teeth guard, batters glove & face guard. Catchers require chest & leg protectors, catchers helmet and mitt.

You could technically, but a softball would not fit in a baseball glove. The slit in a baseball glove is a lot smaller than the opening in a softball catcher's mitt. It would be very hard to actually catch the ball with a baseball catcher's mitt

Baseball glove padding is made of both felt and leather. Felt padding is used in the finger region of gloves. Each finger stahl has felt padding that helps protect and reinforce gloves integrity. In palm section the gloves are padded with extra piece of leather and palm glue. Akadema is considered by many the master craftsmen of glove making. Here are couple videos on making gloves.

No, same goes for catchers gloves, only a first baseman can use a trapper and only a catcher can use a catchers glove

it depends what you are talking about but sometimes it is to show the pitcher the location. But i catch and you are supposed to turn your glove in when the pitch is coming and then you open it just before the ball gets to your glove

yes, a high school softball catchers glove can be white.

As baseball was developed in the United States, so was the equipment used. The first recorded instance of any player using a baseball glove was in Cincinnati in 1869, when Red Stockings player Doug Allison had a glove made for him by a local saddle maker. Some equipment such as catchers shinguards were modeled after a cricketer's leg pads but, the baseball glove, USA made.

Pop Time is how fast a catcher throws the ball to second base when a runner is stealing. from the pop of the catchers glove to the pop of the second baseman or shortstops glove at second base.

some catchers wear batting gloves underneath their gloves, while others don't wear anything. i personally like to go glove-less underneath my glove

Well depends, Catchers is about $200 Infield #150 and 1st base $175ish. Hopefully that helps!

It is better to have a catchers glove because it has a pocket for the ball to fit better and some gloves even have a different color on the sides to make a frame for the pitcher

usually catchers wear a chest pad, leg pads, and a helmet, and they also have a catchers glove

play catch & oil it do not put it in a oven put vasaline on it

Can be a very difficult process. Best to leave it to professionals glove craftsmen like Akadema Inc.

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