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A Scuba diver needs pressure in an air tank because water pressure increases and pushes down on their lungs as they go down. The air in your lungs is more compressed and more is needed to fill them completely.

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Why does a scuba diver need increased gas pressure in the air tank?

Scuba divers require increased air pressures in their air tanks while diving because the pressure on their bodies increases.

How can a scuba-diver breath underwater?

From a regulator attached to a scuba tank.

Why scuba diver wear oxygen tank?

so they can breath underwater

How did Jacques cousteau invent the scuba suit?

SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus its not necessarily a suit but a tank with high pressure hoses that deliver air to the diver.

Where can scuba tanks be bought?

You can buy scuba tanks at the internet page "DiversDirect" or in a special diver store. Or you buy on Ebay a used scuba tank, its cheaper but the scuba tank could be defect or something else.

How do scuba divers get air out of their canisters?

Most recreational SCUBA divers dive using an on demand regulator system. As the diver inhales, the low pressure created in the second stage regulator (the thing nearest the mouth) acts on a diaphragm inside the regulator which provides the diver with air from the tank via the first stage tank valve and a low pressure air hose.

What causes the pressure inside a scuba tank?

The compressed air pushing against the inside of the scuba tank causes pressure inside it.

How is the frog like a scuba diver?

Well, it needs oxygen like a human scuba diver but it lasts a pretty long time underwater just like a human would if he used an oxygen tank.

What does a diver use to breathe underwater?

A SCUBA (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) tank

What does a diver use to help them breathe underwater?

The diver uses an air tank, which is a tank filled with compressed air. It has a hose that goes from the tank to the mouth, which is held in the mouth by a 'mouth piece'. The tank has a regulator that allows the pressure in the tank to be regulated down for normal breathing.

What does psi mean in scuba diving?

the amount of air in the tank per square inch. (p.s.i.)Improve answerPounds per Square Inch - so the amount of pressure exerted on the tank by the air under pressure in the cylinder of the scuba diver. The more pressure, the more compressed the air so the greater the volume of air compressed within the cylinder.for more on scuba diving, including equipment see the related link:

What type of gas is in a scuba diver tank?

Air...Sometimes Have Abit Of Oxygen In..But Most Of The Time Just Normal Air.

When filling a scuba tank from a high pressure reservoir the air goes from a high pressure reservoir to a low pressure reservoir so the air expands into the scuba tank. Shouldnt this cool the tank?

Think on it a bit closer: -- The expansion is happening in the high-pressure reservoir, as some of the air leaves and the rest expands to fill the volume. So you'd expect the supply tank to cool as it empties. -- The compression is happening in the SCUBA tank, where you're continuously stuffing more and more air into the same volume. So you expect the SCUBA tank to warm as it fills.

What is a scuba regulator designed to do?

A scuba regulator is designed to provide air to a diver via a demand valve system in a regulated and safe fashion. A Scuba Regulator consists of two stages - a "first" and "second" stage. The first stage which attaches to a scuba tank by use of either a din or yoke valve, reduces the pressure of the air passing through it to an intermediate pressure slightly above the surrounding pressure at whatever depth of water the diver is at. The part of the regulator that is in the divers mouth is called the second stage, and is a "demand valve" which gives air to the diver each time he inhales. On exhalation the valve closes and the exhaled air is released as bubbles from the exhaust ports built into the bottom of the second stage. The fist stage of the regulator also has connections for a high pressure hose which is connected to a Pressure Gauge (showing the remaining air pressure in the scuba tank), one or two low pressure hoses to attach to the divers buoyancy control device and drysuit and an extra second stage which is used for emergency situations for use by another diver. All regulators are designed with a fail-safe mechanism which means that if they suffer any technical problem, the regulator will "free flow" allowing the diver to return to the surface or to an alternate air supply safely.

Does atmospheric pressure have any effect on the oxygen level in the scuba tank?

No, only when it is released into the atmosphere at the ambient pressure.

How many cubic feet does a 2250 psi scuba tank hold?

A standard-sized SCUBA tank holds 72 cubic feet of air at the standard pressure of 2250 PSI.

How does scuba gear work?

Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) has been developed to enable man to swim and stay underwater for long periods of time.A scuba diver carries metal tanks (that hold compressed air or a special mixture of breathing gases) on his back and wears a mask and fins.Breathing compressed air will damage the lungs. How can the compressed air be made safe to breathe?The diver breathes air from the tanks through a hose. The air is fed to the diver's mouthpiece through a regulator which does two things:It automatically reduces the pressure of the air from the tank to a safe level (equalized with outside water pressure) for the diver to inhale.It supplies air when the diver inhales.When the diver exhales, the air from his lungs is released into the water and is seen as a rush of rising bubbles.

Is deep sea diving the same as scuba diving?

Not necessarily. It just depends on what someone means. Scuba diving is only when you use a scuba tank or cylinder that a diver carries. Deep commercial divers will often get their breathing gas supplied to them through a long umbilical hose ... so they are attached and do not carry Self Contained equipment that they can swim with like a SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) diver.

Why does a scuba diver need high pressure in the air tank?

It's not the PRESSURE we want ... so much as the VOLUME we want. The average tank (which is probably 2-3 cubic feet) holds SEVENTY TWO to EIGHTY cubic feet of air. That will hold the air at 3,000 psi. Pressure is also important, because the water is pressing on the chest, so it requires a higher air pressure to be able to inflate the lungs under water. At 30 feet, for example, twice as much pressure is required as at sea level.

If the volume of a scuba tank filled with air doesn't change and its temperature remains constant what happens to its pressure?

If the volume of a scuba tank filled with air doesn't change and its temperature remains constant pressure does not change. If no factors change the result will not change.

What pressure is the air stored insides a scuba tank?

Depending type of tank. (suitable to 200 or 300) Regular 200Bar, but can be up to 300bar.

What do you need to explore the ocean?

a scuba diving outfit but with an air tank that is full

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