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Why does a team punt the ball on a 4th down rather than attempt to reach a 1st down?

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because it is safer, because if you dont punt it and go for the first and dont make it the other team has a beeter chance in scoring then if you would have punt it

Football is a game of field position. If you try to make a first down on fourth down and fail, the other team will gain possession of the ball 40 yards or so closer to your end zone than they would if you had punted on fourth down. The situation of the game will dictate whether a team tries for a first down on fourth down. If it is late in the game and the team is behind, maybe they will try for a first down on fourth down. But almost always in other situations the team will punt on fourth down.

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What is the difference between a huddle and a down in football?

A huddle in football is like a team meeting where the players on the field discuss the next play they will run. A down is an attempt to move the ball forward. If a Player is tackled with the ball he is "down". A team gets 4 downs (attempts) to reach 10 yards. if they succeed, they get 4 more downs to reach 10 more yards. If they don't succeed in reaching the 10 yards in 4 downs then the other team gets the ball.

What moves faster a ball thrown down or a ball falling down?

A ball thrown down. The thrown ball will have a greater initial velocity and since they experience the same force of gravity, it will always be faster (until they both reach terminal velocity).

Have you ever been able to keep possession of the ball after a 3rd down field goal attempt for another try?

Yes. In both college and the NFL, if a field goal attempt does not cross the line of scrimmage and is recovered by the kicking team, they will continue with possession of the ball. This ruling doesn't really come into play on 4th down kicks because the kicking team will lose possession of the ball on downs. But on third down, if a field goal attempt is blocked and the ball does not cross the line of scrimmage, should the kicking team recover the ball they keep possession and it will be fourth down. If the ball crosses the line of scrimmage, possession goes to the defense.

If 3rd down field goal is missed in college can it be re-kicked on fourth down?

No, one attempt is all a team is allowed. If they have a bad snap, they can hold the ball, and then attempt a kick on 4th down. The team could also rekick if the ball never crosses the line of scrimmage and the kicking team recovers.

What a team often does if it does not make a first down on the third attempt?

Depending on field position the team with the ball will most likely punt or attempt a field goal.

Bowling ball and apple drop from same height which will reach earth first?

If a bowling ball and an apple dropped from the same height the bowling ball would reach the ground first. This is because the bowling ball has more mass and density making gravity pull it down faster.

In American football can a player on the kicking team retrieve a field goal attempt if it does not cross the line of scrimmage?

Yes. As long as the ball has not crossed the line of scrimmage, it is treated like a fumble and can be recovered by either team. Note that if the offense recovers, the down is still in effect. If it is fourth down, they would need to reach the line to gain a first down or else the ball would be turned over to the defense anyway. If the ball travels beyond the line of scrimmage, the same rules apply as to any kicked ball. The defense can let it roll dead (which would be the same as a missed FG) or attempt to return it. If the defense touches it beyond the line of scrimmage, the offense could recover and would have a first down.

What does a fourth down mean in football?

Well, in football, the offense has "four downs" or plays to reach past ten yards. Once the team achieves this the down count restarts. If the team fails to reach ten yards, then the ball is turned over to the other team at that spot. Conversely, if the team feels that the odds of reaching past ten yards on the fourth play are unlikely, they're allowed to "punt" the ball which consists of kicking it to the other team in hopes of gaining better field position. They can also attempt a "field goal" on fourth down by trying to kick the ball threw the goalpost, if they are close enough for their kicker. What an offense does on fourth down is very important and sometimes late in games they're forced to "go for it" or attempt a normal offensive play on fourth down, since their chances or having the ball again after punting would be limited or if a touchdown must be immediately scored to win.

How is gravity used in baseball?

gravity keeps the ball from going on forever and also allows for the ball to stay down closer to the earth in a reach able place

Can a field goal attempt in football be blocked on the way down?

Theoretically yes, but in practice this is effectively impossible due to the height of the ball.

How does any game of basketball begin?

The game begins by with a jump ball, the Referee tosses the ball into the air, as it comes down one player from each team jumps upward inn an attempt to tap the ball to a teammate.

Would a crumple paper ball or rectangular shape paper reach the ground?


Where do you spot the ball on an icomplete pass after a fourth down attempt inside the 20 yard line?

still at the line of scrimmage anywhere you are on the field.

How many downs are allowed to reach 10 yards for a first down in football?

You are allowed 4 downs. It is common to punt the ball on fourth down if you are not confident about getting the fourth down, or when necessary.

Can a team attempt a feelgo on 3rd down miss the kick then get the ball back on 4th down?

I assume you mean "field goal." Yes, this is possible, if the ball is blocked and never crosses the line of scrimmage, and the kicking team recovers. The kicking team could also recover the ball past the line of scrimmage if the kicking team touched the ball first.

What happens if the ball is fumbled?

When the ball is fumbled, it can be recovered by any player on the field. if the defense recovers the fumble, the defensive player can attempt to run the ball in order to gain yards, because once it is clear that the defense have the ball, it is officially in their possession. If the offense regains control of the ball it is an automatic first down.

Who gets possession of ball on missed field goal other then 4th down?

The defending team gets the ball after a missed field goal regardless of down Unless the refs call a do over and the team with the ball gets another chance to either run/pass for their extra points or make another kick attempt.

What does fourth down and 12 mean in football?

It means that the team is on it's last attempt at a touch down and they have 12 yards to the end zone. They have the option to go for the touch down or punt. In American football, the offensive team has 4 plays, called downs, to advance the ball 10 yards. If the offense cannot gain 10 yards on four plays possession of the ball turns over to the other team. If the offense can advance the ball 10 yards in four plays (this is called a 'first down' and you would hear the announcer say '1st down and 10') they get another four plays to advance the ball another 10 yards. The term '4th down and 12' means that the offense has one more attempt to make a first down and they need to advance the ball 12 yards to do so. In a situation like this there are three scenarios: 1) The offensive team will punt the ball to the other team because they are close to their own end zone and should they not gain 12 yards on 4th down the other team would get possession of the ball and have a very good chance to score points. 2) The offensive team will attempt a field goal if they are within the other team's territory on the field. 3) The offensive team will attempt to gain 12 yards on a 4th down if it is late in the game and they are behind in the score. It means that if offense can't make the 12 yards in the next down, the ball will be turned over to the other team. In general, it means "punt".

How do you make a kill ball roll down a hill in halo reach?

place it on the hill, make sure the physics are set to normal, and release....

How do you slow down a ball?

If u want to slow down a ball then put your foot on the ball

Build-a-Bearville fast paw game points?

Trap the ball in the corner, and it will keep bouncing up and down on your hand until you reach the next level. When you reach the next level trap it in the corner again and repeat. The ball might fall out of the corner, and if it does, get it back and continue.

Is an NFL player considered down if he was forced down by an opponent but not touched while on the ground?

Yes, if the player is forced down, such as a push or a hit, that the ref deems to have caused the ball carrier to hit the ground, he is down. If he went down on his own in an attempt to make a catch or simply lost his footing, he is not down.

Since gravitiy was the acceleration that caused the ball to roll down the ramp Why wasnt the acceleration of the ball close to 9.8 ms2 2 reasons?

The ball rolling down the ramp might not have had time to reach 9.8 m/s^2. Also the coefficient of kinetic friction might have been high for the surface of the ramp.

What yard line is the ball placed after a touchdown is scored?

After a team has scored a touch down for six point the team as a chance for a PAT of Point After Attempt. The ball is placed on the three yard line for that team to hike the ball back to the holder then the kicker kicks the ball. If the ball successfully goes through the two goal posted the the team is rewarded with a point

How come when a ball is dropped it doesnt reach the original height it was dropped from?

Some of the energy is lost (dissipated) in the process of rebounding. Also, air resistance can slow down the ball a bit.