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Why don't colleges have intramural baseball teams?


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There are a few reasons I believe that colleges don't offer this intramural option. Typically, if it is organized you need a group of players that are not completely 100% dedicated per se, but enough to show up every game and play with a modicum of seriousness. Baseball takes practice and how many students do you know that are willing to show up and work on basics, especially if they have never played. Individual players usually need to commit a certain amount of money to buy necessary gear, again, what college students do you know that are willing to do that. For safety reasons catchers need to have all the gear to be able to catch behind the plate. Batters are going to need batting helmets. The umpire behind the plate is going to need a facemask and chest protector. Also, you need actual umpires that know the rules; baseball can be very technical and does require some knowledge of said rules. Additionally it is going to be hard to find umpires that can take time out of their work schedules (most umpires do it as a hobby) to come and umpire for the game. Also, they are going to want to be paid and you will want four of them to cover all the bases; again, costing more money. Slow-pitch softball is the better option. It's basically sandlot ball and doesn't require as much effort/ability/money/or time as baseball would.