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Why don't baseball players play in the rain?


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October 11, 2008 4:52AM

Unlike a sport like American football, baseball is a game of precision. As a result, heavy rain makes the ball extremely hard to grip. This actually harms the team on defense dramatically more than the team on offense. If a pitcher is unable to grip the ball, he will throw erratically and will have to significantly slow his pitches. As a result, the batting team will be at a great advantage as it is not significantly harder to swing a bat or run on a dirt track in the rain. Unlike other sports where after a point is scored the other team gets possession and a game clock is involved, in baseball the offensive team can continue to score runs until the defensive team records 3 outs. In a heavy rain situation, this could cause the defensive team to never be able to record 3 outs.

Think of baseball like tennis - it's about precision.