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He's not. Eli is extremely skilled but Peyton has better accuracy & read's the field better.

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Is Peyton Manning as good as Drew Brees?

Opinion: He is better than Drew Brees.Opinion: No, Drew Brees is a better quarterback especially when faced with Peyton Manning.

Who is the greatest quarterback other than Peyton Manning?

Tom Brady

Who's better Bret Favre or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning is better than Brett Favre

Who is better Eli or Peyton manning?

Eli Manning is not like Peyton Manning by his stats and his passing.Also Peyon has a better rating than eli. Peyton 95 Eli 80.2

Is Peyton Manning better than Eli Manning?

Peyton manning is better than Eli manning because he is more expeirenced Peyton is also the best qb in the league Indianapolis colts rock so much yeah i luv colts!!!

Is Peyton maning better than Brett Favre?

statistically yes peyton manning is better

Who is better Peyton or Eli Manning?

Peyton seems better but Eli is much better Peyton. in all are better than the giants but Eli is an underanked player and his stats are 2 times better than his brother

How is Brett Favre better than Peyton Manning?

Brett Favre has more career touchdown passes and more career interceptions thrown than Peyton Manning

Is Eli Manning older than Peyton Manning?

No, Peyton is older.

Is Peyton manning better than aaron rogers?

Yes by far.

Who is better cam newton or Peyton Manning?

Well Cam Newton is better than Peyton Manning because Cam Newton has more rusjing touchdowns than Peyton Manning, Cam Newton is the number 1 NFL best rushing touchdown quarterback for now allthough Peyton is older than Cam Newton Peyton just wants to keep his record as the best quarterback in passing from long distance don't you notice that Peyton dosent like to run he rather throw the ball. Well while that happens we have Cam Newton which he wants to have alot of touchdowns and complete passes. That is why I think That Cam Newton is better he's like the best QB that any team could have but you can't compare him against Eli Manning, or RG3, or Michael Vick. Cam Newton is like my favorite football player

Is Eli Manning and Peyton Manning twins?

No. Peyton Manning is 4 years older than Eli Manning.

What NFL quarterback has a brother that plays quarterback for the New York Giants?

Peyton Manning is the guy you're thinking of. Eli Manning is his brother (QB for the New York Giants). Eli and the Giants won the Super Bowl last year. Even though he is younger than Peyton.

Who is the best quarterback in fantasy football?

Peyton Manning He throws it more than anyone and, at the same time, is one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

Who is a better QB Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning, he has more of everything than Brady except super bowl rings. Super bowl rings barely count. Only stats and reputation. Brady cheats, and Manning is captain comeback.

In 2007 Peyton Manning became only the second quarterback in nfl history to both win a super bowl and throw for more than 4000 yards in the same season name the first quarterback to do this?

Kurt Warner

How much does Peyton Manning make per game?

Manning was raised to 18 million,the same as tom brady.Brady is so much obviously better than Manning its not even close anymore.

Who has the most comebacks in the 4th qtr manning or brady?

Peyton Manning has 38 and Tom Brady has 26, but Peyton Manning has played for 2 more seasons than Brady

Is Peyton Manning paid more than Tom Brady?

Peyton Manning is paid a lot more than tom brady. Peyton Manning signed a 7 year contract in March, 2004 for a reported 99.2 million dollars. That would put his average salary at a little over $14 million dollars. Plus Peyton is on commercials and if you add that to his salary, Peyton Manning gets more money than Tom Brady. tom gets paid way less than peyton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is better than Eli Manning?

ummm lets see, his brother Peyton manning and then zac Robinson he is the bomb and could run Eli over from Oklahoma state

Who is older Eli or Peyton?

Peyton Manning is older than Eli, but I believe that Cooper is younger than all of them

Did Peyton play Eli Manning in college?

no Peyton is older than Eli by 6 years

Is Peyton Manning better than Bret?

This would be a matter of opinion. Both Peyton Manning and Brett Favre will one day be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Favre currently holds the passing records, but Manning could one day pass him. They are both great players.

Does Alex Rodriguez get paid more than Peyton Manning?


Is Peyton Manning better than Tom Brady?

Peyton Manning is a much better quarteback than tom brady. Peyton is the smartest quarteback to ever play football. He also is a great husband and person who doesnt get into trouble outside of the game.-Actually Peyton Manning is doing quite well this season without Marvin Harrison (he has just thrown for 8 tds in the last two games) and at present has over 25 td tosses. As for Tom Brady not having any weapons until this year, that is a crock. Branch, and Brown were not mediocre receivers - just the opposite I thought they were above average. Besides, the more important variable is the offensive line. Manning has two rookies on his o-line and as I said, is still able to have 25+ td passes and an 11-2 record. At any rate, both QBs have strengths/weaknesses. Both are very accurate passers with a good work ethic; however, in my mind, Manning is the far more intelligent quarterback with superior physical attributes. Brady appears to be a better quarterback in pressure situations; however, if there is truth to camera gate then that would cast a question mark on his past performances in tight situations as well as the Superbowl victories. In summary, I would pick Peyton Manning because he set the bar and revolutionized the position with the no-huddle pre-reads of the oppenents defense. All the other quarterbacks followed suit, including Brady. Besides, I don't recall Manning ever padding his stats by heaving up td passes in the 4th quarter well after a game is out of reach.AnswerPeyton Manning is better. He doesn't need to throw passes on 4 and 6 to win a game.Peyton manning is better than tom brady because petyon manning is not scared to get hit other than Tom BradyTIM TEBOW IS BETTER, SO SHUT UP JACK(S)