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Michael Jordan is considered the best player of all time, not just the best shooting guard. Michael Jordan was the guy that every one in basketball wants to be like. He had the ability to hit clutch shots from anywhere on the floor. He had an explosive drive that left defenders wondering where he went and had unbelievable jumping ability to dunk over the defenders in his way. He won six championships all with the Chicago Bulls, a task of which very, very few NBA players have accomplished. Michael Jordan also was one of the hardest workers. He was cut from his Freshman team in high school, but he didn't give up there. He continued to work at his game and eventually got a scholarship to North Carolina, one of the best College Basketball schools available. He was picked third overall in the NBA draft, but proved in just a short amount of time that he deserved to be picked number one. His famous shot in the playoffs has been recorded and repeated many times. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever live, and only one person can even compare to him, and that man is Lebron James.

Jordan was a great clutch player. Probably the best in the clutch. But he is NOWHERE to be found on the list of triple doubles. Other players such as Wilt and Bill Russell have either more championships or FAR more 50 point games than Jordan! Jordan played in an era where Olajuwon and the mailman were the main competition. Come on.

Jordan was great in the clutch, but "greatest of all time" can definitely be debated. In basketball, how do you determine the criteria for rating a center against a shooting guard...etc? I think Jordan could be the best shooting guard ever, but there were others whose defense and championship prowess is more legendary than his.

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Q: Why is Michael Jordan the best shooting guard in the past 15 years?
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