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because they need to have a high tensile strength (the maximum stress an object can handle) so the tennis ball is able to bounce of the nylon strings and so the metal frame can stand the tennis balls energy.

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Tennis racket strings today are made out of synthetic materials, such as:NylonPolyesterKelvarVectranZyexPolyolefinMetal Wire

William A. Larned invented the metal tennis racket in 1922 but the wooden racket was invented the year 1500.

plastic leather rubber string and metal

Now, the metal used in "light weight" tennis rackets are titanium. Titanium (if you dunno) is a light weight metal which is really strong.

Ok, you clearly have never played lacrosse before. That's ok! But first off, don't call it a "racket". Those are used in tennis; a not nearly exciting a game as lacrosse. It's called a stick, and they are used to throw, catch, pass, shoot, check, and play defense with. They are pretty much the only thing needed in the game. They have a long metal shaft and a plastic head with strings strung through, like a net.

The strings in a regular slinky is metal.

Piano strings are made of steel wire and the hammers and dampers are made of wood and felt. Piano tuning pins are made of metal. The frame can be made of wood or metal and the bridge can be made of wood or metal.

originally, tennis was played with the hands.. which was somewhere earlier than medieval times. that developed into long wooden rackets made by the british, and then into what we have today.. the aluminum and the metal rackets. and yes, the racket has been the standard implement to hit the ball in tennis for a few odd hundred years...

Guitar strings are made of many different substances. One of the most common is metal. Often a bass guitar will have copper-bound steel strings.

No, a washboard is a board made from corrugated metal, no strings.

Well, yes, but they don't make metal strings for them, they make nylon and sometimes nylon wrapped with metal for ukulele.

because the plastic is liter than the metal

The last player to win a grand slam tennis tournament using a wooden framed racket is David Engle in 1992. While many competitors starting using some type of metal racket David refused to change rackets and stuck with his now famous wooden racket. Because of his unique style of play and because of his racket many people called him woody (and to his lady friends woodcock). After the U.S open of '92 David virtually disappeared from the tennis world. After doing a bit more research on David I found out that he recently founded an organization that helps kids and family. While this is his full time job now I was able to contact him and learned that he still regularly plays tennis. In fact he told me that if you emailed him he might even come and play with you.

If three fifths of the 55 tennis rackets in stock are metal, then 33 of the 55 tennis rackets are metal. 3/5 * 55 = 33.

A bed frame with wood slats or a metal frame with metal cross arms.

how much to charge to install metal frame doorsoors

The cast of Full Metal Racket - 1989 includes: Bobby Chadhuri Eric Erb Matt Masella Frank Riehle Bobby Riggs

It's mandolin not mandola. The mandolin has four pair of metal strings.

They do not break. They are the same strength as normal strings. They just don't sound as great as metal strings. They are easier to strum. I would recomend getting metal strings, they will sound better and the calluses that you will get on your hands will make it easier to play.

Yes, sound can travel through metal strings. It can travel through any medium except for vacuum.

No, but the frame of a metal house must be grounded to an approved grounding electrode.

ElectromagnetsThe metal frame on a carThe metal part of your iron

A zimmer frame is a metal frame used by elderly and/or frail people to help them move about.

you can shred when you play. that's metal. Also get new strings.

titanium is used in things every day like some cars tennis rackets types of strings and some other thing that can be reforced and steel or metal type things

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