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Why is basketball interesting?


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This question has two possible answers: factual or opinionated. If you are asking why basketball is interesting in a Factual manner, then we would have to quantify the elements of basketball as the stimuli and measure the effect of these stimuli on humans. Perhaps the bigger question is, why do Sports in general interest humans? Certainly, there is something chemical happening. Adrenaline rushes through the body causing excitement, testosterone pumps competitive spirit. Isn't it amazing the glands God has put into our bodies? Even though we know which chemicals transmit excitement and competition, it is more esoteric why certain sports carry the audience that they do. Auto racing has about 75 million fans in the USA alone, but the excitement of it is lost on me personally, even though racing in itself is dangerous and competitive. Baseball's appeal must be in the pastoral setting occasionally interrupted by the excitement of a player running or a ball leaving the stadium. In comparing baseball to auto racing, the difference in excitement seems to lie in the interruption process, i.e., auto racing is basically an uninterrupted excitement. Basketball seems to excite on a number of levels. Choosing which facet of basketball makes it "interesting" is, naturally, a matter of opinion. This is where fact must end. Still, we can name some of these excitements. First, there is rivalry, especially in the college basketball scene, where the game is sometimes secondary to the animosity. Second, there is speed, the excitement of watching a stolen ball or a full court press. Third, there is wizardry; think of a Michael Jordan flying through the air, or a Dr. J doing his thing, or a Larry Bird, or any other number of legends who surpassed mere technical skill. Fourth, there are the miracles: the three-point shot that wins the game with less than one second on the clock, for example. Fifth, there is the human circus, watching 10 very tall men running back and forth across a wooden floor. There are likely many more points to be made here, but this is likely a good starting point. it fun sport


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