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Why is basketball so popular?

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Basketball is so popular in my opinion because schools have dozens of basketball hoops and basketballs on their playground. That is the main sport kids grow up with, and they want to continue playing it.

The reason I think basketball is so popular is because when you go to poorer places the only sport that they really excel in is basketball because all you need is a net and a ball, it pretty cheap compared to, hockey for example./ Hockey you need to buy equipement and a stick, that can cost 100s and 100s of dollars. It's also so popular because, in my opinion it is a very exciting and easy sport to play even you only know how to dribble the ball.

To me Basketball is so popular because you play your own game, its very fair, the rules a simple enough, you need to be very fit for it because i reckon you do twice as much running in basketball than football. it was also made to suit every type of person you can have the short fast guards of the tall strong posts it is so popular because you can play anytime of the year. you dont have to spend 1000s on equipment or gear. it is easy to teach and you could probably find a court team or club in a alot of areas you go to.

u only need a ball and net. You can play inside or outside at anytime of year. Can excel if you try hard. Fun to play.

Basketball is popular because there is so many different aspects and so many different things going into it.

I think basketball is so popular because it is very fastpaced and its not very hard to get a game going because you can play 1 on 1, 2 on 2 etc. other than football or Baseball that takes much more people.

Its mainstream. And a worldwide sport.

It is good exerciseecause u run alot.

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What is so popular about men basketball that is less popular than women basketball?


How did basketball become so popular?

basketball has become so popular because of the nba!! the nba has attracted many viewer4s all over the world !!

Why is basketball so popular in China?

Because it's fun!

Is basketball or gymnastics more popular?

Basketball is more popular

Why is basketball so popular in us not in Canada?

Basketball is popular in Canada, but there is only one NBA team because there are not enough big cities to support the teams.

When did basketball become so popular?

it was around world war 2

What year was basketball more popular In?

Basketball get more popular every year.

What are some popular online basketball games?

There are many popular basketball games that are offered on a number of websites. Games such as Basketballs, Basketballs Level Pack, Stick Basketball, and Basketball Rally are popular online basketball games.

Why is the National Basketball Association so popular in Spain?

The National Basketball Association was popular in Spain for many reasons. It represented unity and a common goal within the community for example.

Why is Michael Jordan so popular?

because he is the best basketball player ever.

Why is basketball more popular than football?

Basketball is no were near as popular as football what are you talking about?!!!

What is the most popular sport for Chinese boy?

basketball is the most popular one. altheletics is also popular, but basketball is better.

Which is most popular sport basketball or baseball?


How popular is basketball?

This sport is popular in the U.S and there is a major league called the NBA for national basketball assosiation.

How Has basketball gotten more popular?

in the NBA it got popular by the trades in which hype up basketball fans

Was basketball popular?


Where is basketball popular?

While basketball is popular throughout the United States, it's especially popular in Kentucky, Indiana and North Carolina. These three states in particular have rich basketball traditions. Basketball is also popular in the inner cities, where access to basketball courts is easier than access to large fields for football, soccer or lacrosse games.

Is NASCAR more popular than basketball?

No, basketball is much more popular than NASCAR, which is not even a sport

Where basketball is popular?

It's very popular in north America, and all around the world. That's why they have Olympic Basketball.

Is basketball more popular than football?

Football (Soccer) and American Football is more popular than basketball

Is basketball popular in Nova Scotia?

No ice hockey is popular

Why is football so incredibly popular?

id say because its taken so seriously all over the world ulike basketball and baseball there only really incredibly popular in the states.

Is basketball a popular sport?


Who were some of the popular players in basketball?

i am

Which countries are popular in basketball?