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It makes the ball easier to grip.

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Q: Why is leather used in the making of a basketball?
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What kind of leather is on a basketball?

There are 3 types of material used on a basketball:1. Leather 2. Composite/Synthetic Leather3. Rubber

Do goats used for leather making?

They do

Is a rubber basketball heavier than a leather basketball?

No, leather tends to be heavier

What was used for the basketball in basketball?

it is a spherical ball either from leather (traditional), rubber, or a synthetic composite. it is a spherical ball either from leather (traditional), rubber, or a synthetic composite.

What is the difference between a waive basketball and a regular basketball?

The WAVE has grooves on the leather and the regular basketball is smooth on the leather.

What basketball should you buy?

Leather basketball

What is a composite basketball?

The type of leather on a basketball

Will a rubber basketball bounce higher than a leather basketball?

A rubber basketball will bounce higher than a leather basketball of equal internal pressure. The leather covering adds additional weight and is less flexible.

What is a composite leather basketball made of?

composite leather

What materials are used for making shoes?

Leather and canvas

Is an awl used for making holes?

yes-normally for making holes in leather

Is a rubber basketball beatter then a leather basketball?

A leather basketball is better than a rubber ball but if your playing outside the ground ruins the leather so a rubber ball is better when you are playing outside

Is a basketball leather?


Which part of animal is used for making leather?

Usually the skin.

What is the material used for making black shoes?

Leather and plastic

What materials are used to make a basketball?

leather can be used sometimes, also there could be a hogs bladder inside the ball

What type of leather are basketballs made of?

Genuine top grain leather like the Spalding NBA Official Game Ball or composite leather used in the Wilson Solution NCAA Official Game Ball or Wilson Evolution basketball. There are other manufacturers but for leather just the two types.

Does a rubber basketball bouce higher than a leather basketball?

Yes, a rubber basketball WILL bounce higher than a leather one, but leather balls generally have better grip and are mush easier to shoot and control on the dribble.

Who invited volleyball?

it was invented at the YMCA, they used the bladder (the inner part underneath the leather) of a basketball

What changes were made to the basketball?


What is the material of a basketball?

its made out of leather

What tools do saddler's use?

Leather making equipment. Carving tools, knives and genarally anything that is used to tool leather.

Why is a basketball made out of leather?

It's not made out of leather. It's made out of rubber.

What the name of the shiny leather on my brand new basketball shoes?

Patent leather

Do they use pigs to make leather skirt?

Pig leather is very nice and durable and it is possible to be used for making garments as well. Leather is processed animal skin. That is why there is goat skin leather, cow hide, lamb skin leather, ostrich leather... All you have to do is ask what type of leather is used to make a product.