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Soccer (football) is a world sport for peace and happiness

fun teamwork trying your hardest

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Q: Why is soccer an important game?
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Why is teamworkimportant in soccer?

Teamwork in soccer is important so the team can work together and win the game.

The first most important soccer game?

world cup final

What are the ten most important Outdoor soccer rules?

Soccer cannot be defined by 10 rules (all the rules are important for having a fair game).There are 17 rules in soccer. They can be found in the FIFA Laws of the Game.

How many miles run in an indoor soccer game?

The amount of miles that a person runs during an indoor soccer game is determined by different factors. The most important factor is how long a person is on the field playing the game.

How many periods are there in a soccer game?

2 periods are in a soccer game

Is soccer important?

Well that's an opinion but i think yes soccer is very important i love soccer.

Most important position in soccer?

Soccer is a team sport. Everyone contributes to the game. An important position is the defensive midfield. It supports the defenders and makes plays. The captain on the team is usually the best player.

What is the oldest Soccer video game?

The video game "Pelé's Soccer" is known to be the first video game based on the game of soccer. It was released in 1981 for the Atari 2600.

Why it is necessary for heading in soccer?

In soccer , heading is an important aspect of the game . The game of Soccer is not limited to ground passing but aerial balls too .The defenders defend against aerial balls by heading it away while the attackers try to head the ball towards the net

In what country is soccer most important?

Soccer is most important in Italy and Spain.

Why is soccer such an important sport to Tanzania?


What is LEGO Soccer Mania?

LEGO Soccer Mania was a LEGO-based video game in which a soccer-based game was played.

How many minutes is an average soccer game?

There are a total of 90 minutes in a soccer game.

When was the first soccer game in the US?

The first soccer game was held in the year 1885.

How has the game of soccer changed over time?

how does soccer game changes over time

What the name of that soccer game where your the manager and it cant be finished?

The name of the soccer game was football.

The aim of the soccer game?

The aim of a soccer game is to out score your opponent, therefore you win.

How do you play soccer game online?

you can play soccer game online on Mini Clip

How long does a soccer game run for?

A Soccer game runs for 90 minutes. *i think*

Longest Soccer Game ever?

longest soccer game ever was 68 hours

When do you form a wall in soccer game?

In a soccer game the wall is formed for a free kick.

Why is soccer so important in France?

I think its important because soccer is like their life to them.

Why is soccer important to Brazil?

Yes soccer is important in Brazil, their most popular sport.

Why is the soccer ball important to your culture?

Soccer or 'Association Football' is important to English culture because this form of football is English devised by the 'Football Association' in London 1863. The rulers or 'laws of the game' were written by FA founder Ebenezer Cobb Morley who was also Captain of the Barnes Football Club who played in the first ever soccer game against Richmond Football club in the same year. Since then soccer has taken over the more traditional Cricket in becoming the National game.

What is a soccer cheer?

a soccer cheer is a love of the game not just to win. soccer is a game the many people say the it is just fun.