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there is a designated hitter in the American league because the pitchers don't bat so they take there spots

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Which league uses a designated hitter?

The American League uses a designated hitter. Some exceptions: If an American League team plays at a National League Park (Yankees play at Shea Stadium or the new Citi Field against the Mets) then the American League team can't use a Designated Hitter. If a National League team plays at an American League Park (Mets play at Yankees Stadium) then the National League team is allowed to use a designated hitter.

In what league does the pitcher bat in?

The National League. The American League has a designated hitter.

Is there a designated hitter in mlb?

yes, in the American League

In which league is there a designated hitter for the pitcher in MLB?

American League since 1973

What is the diffrance in American league and national league in baseball?

The American League uses the Designated hitter, and the pitcher does not bat as in the National League.

Is there a designated hitter in inter league games?

Only if the home team is from the American League.

Is a designated hitter used in intraseasonal play?

if its in a American league stadium yes national league no

Does the pitcher in a Major League Baseball game get to hit?

There are two leagues in American major league baseball, the American League and the National League. The American League has the designated hitter rule which allows for someone other than the pitcher to bat in the pitcher's place. The pitcher does not bat in the American League. The National League does not have the designated hitter rule. The pitcher does bat in the National League.

When was the designated hitter introduced to the MLB?

The American League introduced the DH in 1973.

What regulation added more offensive punch to American baseball league in 1973?

The designated Hitter was adopted by the American League in 1973.

What is a designated hitter in baseball?

In the MLB, the American league games have a Designated Hitter that hits for the pitcher. It is also liek tht in college and maybe high school. In the MLB if the American league team plays an inter-league game at there stadium vs a National League team at home, the designated hitter rule is in effect. But if the American league team plays away vs the national league team, the DH is not in effect. In grade school baseball, the DH can hit for any player, even a position player. For example, on the Boston Red Sox, their common designated hitter is David Ortiz.

Who was designated hitter in World Series in 1973?

Nobody .... although the American League implemented the designated hitter in 1973, there was no DH allowed in the World Series until 1976.

How many players start a baseball team?

9 in the National League and 10 in the American League (because of the designated hitter).

What does DH mean?

It means designated hitter in baseball, the DH hits for the pitcher in the American league

Why does the Silver slugger award given to the best pitcher in the NL and the best designated hitter in the AL?

Because pitchers do not bat in the American League ... they are replaced in the batting order by the designated hitter.

Designated hitter in National League?

national league does not have the DH.

Can you have a designated hitter in the national league championship series?

No. The National League only has a designated hitter if the NL team is playing an inter-league game in an AL park.

When did the pitcher have to start batting in the national league?

Pitchers have always taken their turn at bat in the national league. Only the American league has a "designated hitter". - bill

What is actually possible A four-strikeout half inning or a double by a designated hitter in the national league championship series?

A four strikeout inning. The National League does not use a designated hitter except in World Series games that are played in the American League team's ballpark.

Do the American league teams have an atvantage because of designated hitter rule?

No, the national league pitchers have to bat and all national league teams play by taht rule and all American league teams have a DH

Does the pitcher have to hit in the National League?

Yes. The designated hitter rule was not adopted in the National League, therefore pitchers are part of the batting order. During the World Series, the designated hitter rule is used in games played in the American League park and not used in games played in the National League park.

Did the American League get rid of the designated hitter for the division playoffs?

No. DH is still being used by AL in the playoffs.

What is DH?

designated hitter. In the major leagues DH's are only used in the American League. In the NL league the pitcher has to bat. Basically it is a designated hitter for the pitchers. But when AL and NL teams play each other the AL team does need to bat their pitcher.

Why can't a good hitter and pitcher like Babe Ruth do both?

Well in the American league it is required to have a designated hitter for the pitcher but if the pitcher were to pitch in the national league the pitcher is required do both

What is the dh rule?

The Rule fo the DH - or the Designated Hitter - is basiccally the fac tthat hte Designated Hitter shall bat in place of the pitcher int eh American League of Professional Baseball Franchises. For more information on the Designated Hitter, please see

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