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Why should US increase trade with Canada?

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To increase international trade.

to increase trade among the US, Canada, and Mexico ****

Yes because Canada borders the US and it makes it easy for Canada to trade with the US

Mexico had a trade surplus with Canada of around US$15.1 billion for 2011.

Brian Mulroney helped pass the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement.

Canada trades with the US electronics, cars and stuff!

I personally believe that the North American Free Trade Agreement has been good for Canada, because it helps to increase the amount of business that Canada does with the other member nations, the US and Mexico. There are those who disagree, however. There is always a political struggle between protectionism and free trade.

NAFTA is the North American Free Trade Association; it helped Mexico, Canada, and the US trade easier with each other.

You mean against the United States or between them? Mexican-Canadian trade balance usually favors Canada; in the case of US-Canadian and US-Mexican trade balance, it usually favors both Canada and Mexico.

It already does: bilateral trade between Canada and Mexico accounts for approximately US$18.86 billion (2009).

Trade dollars are made by the US not Canada.

They are useful for trade; they are trade routes.

Yes. China likes to trade with Canada because has a lot of food and things people us often.

Because Canada is so much smaller than US.

if u are referring to the war of 1812, Canada did not want the us they were allies with the british who were blockading our ships in the us and stopping our trade with other countries <3 so the US wanted to take control over Canada so they could regain trade and defet the british :D

Canada trades with both. If you look at some things from your house, you will see that Canada trades with china more then they trade with the us, but still, the us is a larger country.

US and Canada are countries that need to help each other forever because it shares the same border and they are neighbours. We should do free trade agreements to get what we need. Canada already has enough water compared to the population we have in Canada. We need things that we do not have. Even though Canada gives oil, and other stuff and get nothing in return from them, but little food. We should atleast get some money for the water we have to give to them.

Canada,MEXICO,China,Japan,Germany Mostly Canada and then rest follow.

they help with trade and transportation

is there about one billion dollars worth of trade that passes between canada and the united states.

Removing the barriers of free trade almost always requires a trade treaty. One that is in place in the US is the North American Free Trade Agreement between the US, Canada, and Mexico.