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Why was baseketball invented?

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to combine Baseball and Basketball and have a hell off a good time GREATEST MOVIE EVER! POONANI!

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What driveway sport was invented by the creators of South Park?


What is the duration of BASEketball?

The duration of BASEketball is 1.8 hours.

When was Baseketball - soundtrack - created?

Baseketball - soundtrack - was created on 1998-07-14.

What was the band in baseketball called?

vag soup

Why did Michael Jordan quit Baseketball?

to old

Which is the best sport soccer or baseketball?

soccer by far.

Where can i buy a baseketball from the movie baseketball?

The movie 'Basketball' was released in 1998. You cannot buy a basketball from the movie 'Basketball'. You can, however, buy a similar basketball from a sports store.

How long did Kobe Bryant play Baseketball?

15 years

Which sport is the popular's?

I think is baseketball because is the best sport.

Who is Ben e?

This kid is a good baseketball player but he is dumb and weird

What position does the tallest player in basketball play?


What is the origin of doing the happy dance?

Probably Trey Parker in the movie Baseketball. A YouTube search would be fruitful. Someone had previously answered that it came from Vlogbrothers, but it seems Baseketball precedes that by about 10 years.

Natural resource spain?

farming dance and baseketball jroyijfoijgojt;hbkjlmt;lkbjmn6ol

How many people like baseketball?

There is no set number. But, it is well over a billion.

What schools have won both the men's and women's National Championship for Baseketball?


How is the best baseketball team in Paterson?

The city league Knights of Paterson are the best and school#12 is the best in school league

What is the meaning of the phrase 'dont eat cheese before noon'?

The phrase is meant to be a humorous phrase made up by Matt Stone in the movie BASEketball.

How did the Mexican government come to power?

Well jose, dere was 4 black guys, around 6 foot 9, playing baseketball for the harlam globen trottarjos, end dere was dis relly fat guy who jaun to cal a vote, end this government bullshieat was invented ovbiously by thomas edison, cuz the nigro made ma phone.

Why do mainly tall people play basketball?

tall people play baseketball because they have an advantage being tall so they can reach the net easier and make a shot

How do you become a baseketball player?

you can become a basketball player by practicing every day. you can also by signing up for basketball. if you are a basketball player you have to be at least from 1.54 to 2.10 of height .

Why do people use the term derp?

I think that the usage of that word is somehow related to the 1998 comedy film Baseketball by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

What size is a women baseketball?

28.5 28,5. mens ball(NBA) 29.5. High scxhool is 29.5 Middle school(6-8) 28.5 younger then tha Size 5

What are some single word movie titles?

serpico, sicko, mcclintock, hook, bullet, (pi), borat, chism, godfather, island, jaws, clerks, baseketball, zoolander, cars, bambi, cinderella, aladdin

How long is a one baseketball period?

According to college (NCAA) rules, there are two periods, each twenty minutes long. According to NBA rules, there are four periods, each ten minutes long.

Who invented the abacus when it was invented why it was invented and who invented it?