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Their comments were relevant because they are women athletes who came after Joyner-Kersee and were inspired by her example.

Because they are women athletes who came after Joyner-Kersee and were inspired by her example

The biography of Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Chan's autobiography is "I am Jackie Chan. My Life in Action". He is currently working on a sequel called "I am still Jackie Chan."

Biography - 1987 Jackie Chan From Stuntman to Superstar is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

he delt with the disgraceful comments that the teammates were giving him

Maury Allen wrote a biography of Jackie Robinson called A Life Remembered.

His biography doesn’t tell us that information.

Jackie E. has written: 'Never tell mommy' -- subject(s): Biography, Incest victims, Sexually abused children

His biography doesn’t tell us that information.

1. when was jackie robinson born ? / the answer is: January 31, 19192. when did jackie robinson died ? / the answer is: October 24, 19723. when did jackie robinson got married ? / the answer is : February 10, 1946,4. when did jackie robinson have kids ? / the answer is :Jackie Robinson Jr, born on November 18, 1946, Sharon Robinson born on January 13, 19505. was jackie robinson african american ? / the answer is : yes

Power Star Puneet Rajkumar. For more details about the Kannada movie Jackie like the Story of the Kannada movie Jackie and the stars of Kannada movie Jackie. The details about the Power star Puneeth Raj kumar, like Puneeth Raj kumar's profile and biography. Please look in the related links section for information.

Elizabeth Kane has written: 'Jackie O' -- subject(s): Biography, Pictorial works, Presidents' spouses

Jackie Robinson has written: 'Jackie Robinson's Little League baseball book' -- subject(s): Baseball, Juvenile literature 'First class citizenship' -- subject(s): Correspondence, Civil rights, African Americans, African American baseball players 'Breakthrough to the big league' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Baseball players, Biography, African Americans, Large type books 'Jackie Robinson, my own story' 'I Never Had It Made' -- subject(s): Baseball players, African Americans, Biography 'Favorites!' 'Breakthrough to the big league' -- subject(s): Baseball players, Juvenile literature, African American baseball players, Biography, Race discrimination

Jackie Brooks has written: 'Gymnastics' -- subject- s -: Gymnastics for children 'The new deal' -- subject- s -: Biography, Depressions, History, Interviews, New Deal, 1933-1939, Study and teaching - Secondary -

Jackie Nink Pflug has written: 'Miles to go before I sleep' -- subject(s): Biography, EgyptAir Flight 648 Hijacking Incident, 1985, Hijacking of aircraft, Hostages, Victims of terrorism

He led by example, he gave all he had every time he stepped out on the field. He took all the comments that were said to him and turned it into fuel. He was an inspiration

must be some type of biography about Jackie Gleason since that was his signature catch phrase on "The Honeymooners", the show he starred in and is best remembered for.

Irving Mansfield has written: 'Life with Jackie' -- subject(s): American Novelists, Authors' spouses, Biography, Marriage, Married people

Jackie Chan is not in Laos. Jackie is not from Laos. Jackie Chan is Chinese.

Jackie Averia goes by Jackie LInn, and Jackie Linn.

Jackie? Jackie bowie? i know her(; love allie

Jackie Pitts goes by Jackie.

Jackie Rae went by Jackie.