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what team does Cody paul play for

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Can you think without thinking?

No you can't, you would be thinking about not thinking. So no.

If you like a boy and you told him you do and then he asked you out and you said no what would he be thinking?

You can't really say what another person is thinking, but unless you had other plans or another reason that would explain why you said no, it is likely that he is confused and he might not ask you out again.

What does reading is thinking mean?

when you read, you think. if any problem occurs in the book your reading lets say, you would be thinking, how would the character his/her problem. that is one way of thinking when your reading, another way is when your thinking about whats going on in the book. if you don't understand it, the book is not right for you.

Can you think yourself to death?

The thinking part would have to be accompanied by an action carried out in some way. In other words, you cannot die from thinking too hard (but you might become mad)

How do you think perfectly?

Our thinking is governed by the language we speak, the experiences we have had throughout our lives, our educations, our perceptions of the world and our beliefs about it. Since everyone has different examples of all of these, no two people will ever think alike. That considered, there is no such thing as thinking perfectly. What would we use to measure it by?As an example, the writer is agnostic. How would you compare his thinking with that of a believer? Perhaps one is right, the other wrong, but that decision depends on what you think. Get it?

Is Luxembourg famous for its cheese and tulips?

no i think that would be the Netherlands you are thinking of

When did Gandhi think of his idea?

It would help if you clarify which of his ideas you are thinking about.

Use hypocrisy in a sentence?

The girl pretended to think about it, and using hypocrisy, tricked her friend into thinking that she would come.hypocrisy means saying, thing and doing another

Are we connected by our thoughts is he thinking of me when I am thinking of him?

That would be cool, but I don't think it works that way. My BF has called in the middle of the night before and said he was thinking about me, and I was not thinking of him, I was having a great dream!

Is Ellie Goulding left handed?

if you were thinking this questoin, and you were thinking, yeah i think she is, you would be thinkin correct!!!! well done!!!!

What is the importance of thinking?

Thinking is important because otherwise we would just be mindless animals.Thinking is what makes us different from other animals. Also, when we think, we avoid things that are dangerous for us and we are capable of making good decisions.

Is Nintendo thinking of making luigi's mansion 2?

I think if they were it would be on the wii

What does it mean when you think about other people or what would another person do when your in a stressful situation that you maybe might have not been in that often or before?

1} "Considerate" Thoughtful About Others. 2} "Thoughtful" Thinking Deeply. 3} "Obliging" Willing To Help Other People. Best Regards, Engr Muhammad Raheel Sheikh.

What is the Illuminati thinking of doing?

Absolutely nothing. First, they would have to exist to think. Second, they would have to be real to do.

What do you do if you like someone else other them your boyfriend?

You have no choice but to think of the factors, many women or men (if one being homosexual) will go through their lives thinking to themselves, "what if?" -- meaning if he or she could have or would have picked the other person of which he or she was thinking about, thinking if it would have been better or something interesting that they didn't think about before. You should consider the factors of who you think will make you happier, no need to think so hard about it as far as getting married, I'm sure you have PLENTY of time to think about that! Nonetheless, think about who or may make you happier in a relationship, once found do what needs to be done, don't cheat on the current boyfriend though, that's wrong and emotionally hurtful towards him if he were to find out.

What is a word that means you think you are better than another?

Generally, you would be thinking of the word "superior". But in what way? Depending on the issue, you could mean smarter, prettier, faster, stronger, wealthier...

Is there other life?

just think how large the universe is, and just think about how may other galaxies there are and how many planets,i personally wouldn't think there would not be any other life out there other than our planet. so yes i would think there would be other life. Pokekais answer: i agree with the last person, Theres millions of Galaxies out there, both the moon and Mars were found to have frozen water on them! there would at least be 1 other planet with life. If you agree or disagree post your answer in another paragraph below with your username.

Why would your ex girlfriend be still thinking about you?

Would your ex girlfriend still be thinking about you? Maybe! It all depends if she is thinking if you are going to apologize and ditch the new girl and go back to her. That is what she is probably thinking! Or if it's the other way around she may be thinking about taking you back.

Do you think bill hader would make a good joker?

Yes! I was just thinking this!

Do crabs eat baby turtles?

No, I don't quite think they do. It deeply bothers me evn thinking that they would, but as I said I do not think they do.

What is another way to say subjective thinking?

A "hunch" would be slang for a subjective guess. So would a "gut feeling."

How do you think shakespeare would react to seeing his play on the big screen?

I think he would be amazed and intrigued. It would not take him long to start thinking about the possibilities film opens up.

Why would you love a girl that you dated and you hate to think of them with another guy and you have trouble thinking of them sexually?

It seems you may be thinking her as a very close friend, or a sister. You love her, but you're worried someone else is going to hurt her... perhaps, because you know how guys are, or even know the guy personally and it worries you? If you can't think of her sexually then that must be it.

What president said Dont stop thinking about tomorrow?

I think that would be President Bill Clinton.

Can a baby think?

Depending on how thinking is defined, psychological research would give a cautious yes.