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2007-06-28 17:07:47
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Q: Why would you feel sore nipples which have a purple centre and raised lumpssmell of things especially food makes you feel sicktireddizzyfaintpain in back and legsfeverurinating more?
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What are the bumps on nipples?

Those bumps are called the Montgomery glands and they act to moisturize the nipples, especially during breastfeeding. See related links for more details.

How long after giving birth do a dog's nipples remain prominent?

They will remain prominent for at least 6 to 7 months. Some dog's nipples stay prominent. This is especially true of dogs that have bred multiple times.

Is it normal for your nipples to hurt days before menstruation?

Yes. It is just a surge of hormones in your body that can affect your female body parts, nipples being one of them. If the pain continues and you are worried, then check it out with your GP, especially if your nipples weep fluid. A tiny amount of creamy substance is normal though.

How does Aristotle's beliefs illustrate Greek humanism?

nipples. just nipples. only nipples. if there were no nipples, there would be no life. nipples are the reason that the world exists.

How does a plasma works on a tv?

it works by sucking nipples, nipples, nipples.

Why do girls like their nipples?

The breasts and especially the areola and nipple of females can be very sensitive and give pleasure during arousal and coitus.

Are there different nipples in men?

Yes we all have different nipples. Some people have traffic cone nipples, quarter nipples, dime nipples, and many many more :)

Do roaches have nipples?

No they do not, nipples are not needed. Nipples are a feature of mammals, which suckle their young. Cockroaches are insects and do not suckle their young so they do not have nipples.

How many nibbles do dogs have?

Nipples. Not Nibbles. Nipples. A dog has eight to ten nipples.

What causes sore nipples you are not pregnant and you cycle is not coming on nipples are always sore?

Your question doesn't really make complete sense, but if you are asking what causes sore nipples, other than pregnancy, then I have one answer. Sometimes, a week or two before my menstrual cycle, my nipples are very sore to the touch. If your cycle is not coming, it could be the result from stress. I remember being stressed so bad, my period was delayed a week and three days. So it's perfectly normal for your nipples to be sore, especially if it's close to your monthly.

Can a dog have nipples?

yes, my dog has nipples

Why dont you have any nipples?

Everyone has nipples...

Does snakes have nipples?

No. Nipples are specific to mammals.

Do aliens have nipples?

Only mammals have nipples.

Where are the nipples on hamsters?

The nipples are around her tummy

do male squirrel have nipples?


Can your dog have nipples and not be pregnant?

Yes, they have nipples just like humans do, pregnant or not. But the nipples get larger when they are pregnant.

What is pancake nipples?

Pancake nipples is a term used for people who have nipples larger than 10inches in diameter.

Why does one of your nipples have a lump behind it and hurts when I touch it Men's health?

Go to a doctor and have it checked, especially if the pain has been 2-3 days.

Why do your nipples hurt I am male?

It is probably nothing, but you should seek a doctors opinion, especially if it has continued for a period of time. It could be growth pains though.

How many nipples do lions have?

No,lion don't have nipples.......

How do you have pink nipples?

You cannot change the color of your nipples

What kind of animal doesn't have nipples?

If it is a mammal it has nipples.

How do you know when my cat has milk in its nipples?

Squeeze on her nipples.

How many nipples does a bluenose pitbull have?

8 nipples