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Will A-Rod break the home run record?


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March 24, 2011 11:04PM

I think that Rodriguez will break the record, and if he does at least he will earn it. Unlike Bonds who took steroids. But I think that A-Rod will do it because he has a lot of potential. But you also have to look at Sammy Sosa, because in 2007 he hit that unbelievable #600 home run but if you really look at him you know that he is getting old, and Rodriguez is only in his 30's, so yes A-Rod has a better chance than all of the other ball players.

I was in agreement with this until A-Rod's steroid admission. Unfortunately now the home run record if broken again, will still be tainted. A-Rod will probably break it and one thing he'll have going for him is that unlike Barry Bonds, the record will still take a little time to achieve. The fans might be a little bit more forgiving in his case.

As far as what his steroid use will do to him regarding the Hall of Fame is another story. You see what Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmiero have to go through.