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You have 5 autographed baseballs with COA - Mickey Mantle Ted Williams Hank Aaron and 2 Willie Mays. How much are they worth separate and as a set?


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June 18, 2008 12:13AM

A Mickey Mantle single signed baseball is worth about $400.-$600.

A Ted Williams single signed baseball is worth between $350.-$600.

A Hank Aaron single signed baseball is worth between $100.-$250.

A Willie Mays single signed baseball is worth about $125.-$200.

Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less The baseballs will sell at a higher value if sold separately, than selling them as a set. For example if a collector is in the market for a Willie Mays signed baseball why would that collector buy two? The collector might buy two if at a discount. A collector in the market for A Mantle, and Aaron baseball would not spend the extra money on the other three baseballs, unless it is at a discount, and even then the collector might have the other baseballs in a collection, and not need to pay the extra money for baseballs not wanted.