You have two spirits in you both are you yet both are not you... help?

Up to a point you are right, let me try and explain just what I mean. At some time prior to your birth your spirit entered your body making you a living person. This spirit was prior to entering your body in the spirit world with your Father in heaven. It were waiting to enter your human form. We do not know how this was done but let it suffice that we were able to travel from the spirit world and enter our body. It is my believe that this other spirit is the Holy Spirit which at times will visit us when we have a need for him. This spirit is a separate spirit to your own spirit, which is in the exact likeness of you when you reach a certain age.
It is when we die that this spirit leaves our human bodies and awaits us at the time of the resurrection when we will be reunited with that same spirit.
I hope this has been of some help to you.