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One thousand.

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Q: You want to write this fig in words 1000?
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Should you write a fig is a fruit or a fig is fruit?

we should write fig is a fruit

How do you write fifty lakhs in fig?


Fig Trees?

form_title= Fig Trees form_header= Plant a fig tree in your home. What type of fig tree do you want to plant?*= _ [50] How big is your yard?*= _ [50] How many fig trees do you want to plant?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5}

How many cubic feet are in 1000 gallons?

1000 Imperial gallons = 160.5 cu ft (to 4 sig fig)

Volume of 1000 gallon tank in cubic feet?

1000 Imperial gallons = 160.5 cu ft (to 4 sig fig)

What are 6 letter words ending with fig?

There are no 6-letter words ending with fig! The only word is an 8-letter one: caprifig, a wild fig that grows in Europe and Asia. There a one six letter abbreviation: config. (configuration)

What are the adaptations of a fig tree?

fig fig fig fig

Relationship between figs and fig wasps?

Well a wasp is a type of bee and there for the bee pollinates the fig and uses it for its honey nest while also the fig is being helped by the wasps passing on the seeds of the fig. therefore: it is Mutualism or in other words ++ :P hope this helps:)

This is a play with words joke-What fruit is on all coins?


What rhymes with guinea pig?

fig, big, (WORDS THAT END WITH IG) =)

What words can be made using tgif?

You can make gift, fig, fit, if, and it.

What words are in the word firefighter?

Words found in firefighter are, fire, fight, fighter, I, ire, fig, fir, ref.

What fruit is a fig newton made from?

A fig newton is made from a fig newton pasrty filled with fig paste.

What is dried fig called i thought it was a dried fig?

A dried fig is correct.

What is fig in Italian?

Fig is - fico

What does FIG stand for?

FIG is an abbreviation for "figure".

Is fig a friut or vegetable?

A fig is a fruit

What is a fig plucker?

A fig plucker is a person who goes to the Fig orchards and picks the figs from the trees.

Alternative names for sour fig two words three five letters?

ice plant

5 letter words ending in letters ig?

Big, fig, twig, zig, trig

Symbiosis between the figs and fig wasps?

the fig benefits the most because the fig wasps pollinate the figs therefore the fig wasps feel nothing.

What is a fig newton?

A Fig Newton is a pastry type cookie filled with fig paste made by Nabisco.

What is in a fig newton?

A Fig Newton is a pastry bar filled with fig jam. The name is a brand of Nabisco.

What other words can you make from the word fight?

words from F I G H T: * if, it, hi, * fit, hit, fig * gift * thigh

What words can you make with fights?

words with these letters: F I G H T S * if * is * fig * his * fit * hit * hits * figs * gift