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Dahilan ng pagkamatay ni manuel l quezon?

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Manuel L. Quezon died because of Tuberculosis.
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National hero Manuel L Quezon?

Manuel L Quezon is considered to be a national hero in the  Philippines. He advocated for the sovereignty of the country and  one of his favorite quotes was, "I prefer a cou (MORE)

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Mga programa at proyekto ni manuel l quezon?

  Noong 1935, ipinatupad ni Pangulong Manuel L. Quezon ang isang programa sa hustisya sosyal bunga ng marahas na pakikipaglaban ng mga magsasaka para sa kanilang karapatan (MORE)

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What are the achievements of Manuel L Quezon?

Manuel Quezon's achievements include the following:   The foundation of national language and the institute for the  national language currently known as komisyon ng wikan (MORE)

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What is the slogan of Manuel L. Quezon?

"Social Justice is far more beneficial when applied as a matter of sentiment, and not of law."
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