Dahilan ng pagkamatay ni manuel l quezon?

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Manuel L. Quezon died because of Tuberculosis.
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Most recently, you've developed an over-the-counter remedy to relieve heel pain, both for athletes sporting cleats as well as red carpet favorites rocking high heels. Why did you take the time to develop an over-the-counter spray?

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What are the achievements of Manuel L Quezon?

Manuel Quezon's achievements include the following:   The foundation of national language and the institute for the  national language currently known as komisyon ng wikan (MORE)

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Mga programa at proyekto ni manuel l quezon?

  Noong 1935, ipinatupad ni Pangulong Manuel L. Quezon ang isang programa sa hustisya sosyal bunga ng marahas na pakikipaglaban ng mga magsasaka para sa kanilang karapatan (MORE)

Code ethics of manuel l quezon?

1. Have Faith in the Divine Providence that guides the destinies of men and nations. 2. Love your country for it is the home of your people, the seat of your affection and t (MORE)